We were a little tired, and the only thing that we wanted do was rest in that couch embraced, but these words of that tiny creature continuing to resound in our ears, and throwing a glance,  to that forniture next to your desk, you have taken another map of the city, where were elencated each buildings with a brief story of when have been buildt, but of that building  there were any traces, and the only  description about it have scared us.
We have looked at us for a while, then you have closed that map, inviting me to sleep.
We would have think of it the next morning with a clearest mind.
That description saying: “Castle haunted”.

We have embraced with that fugacious thought, but as soon i have leaned your face on your chest, and i have heardt your heart beating sweetly, i have sighed your name, and you have tightened me strong to you, and so we have asleep.
The next morning, we have found ourselves as we have asleep. Your arms were tightening my little body as if you wanted protected me. I have opened the eyes first, and i knew that you have would open your shortly, so i have waited for, staring at you in your each particular. 
I have always loved how you have breathed, inhaling air from the nostrils. I have would could stare at you for hours, but just only after a bit of minutes, those two blue oceans have opened themselves, making me see the beauty of your soul, and maybe with that your “Good morning” we had turned page, and with my delicate smile, we were  about to write another piece of that life together.

The sun was bliding and it was entering swaggeringly from the window behind your desk.
We were still sleepy, but happy to being it together.
The previous night we have take off only those uncomfy and hard jeans. 

We  hadn’t realized that someone was looking at us, sitting on the chair in front of your desk. 
Only when our glance have placed itself toward our desks, a small voice have spoken.
“Will you follow my case? Will you find my brother?”
The sunlight had invaded that part of our office, that we have had  a bit of difficulty to indetify from where that voice came from. But then we have found that small greenish creature who was looking with those two big eyes respect than his tiny body, with a brownish onesie, and he was looking at us in each moves we were doing.

There were no time not even the time to questioning us how he have entered in our office.
From his glance we had understand that he could get hurt not even to an ant
I have taken place at your desk, and i have started to get calm him.
“I have read about your great adventure from the newspaper, and have seen you how the Mayor have treated you.
But what it have impressed, it have been the perseverence of you. You have been so brave to continue hope. At end you have found again him, and now you are once again together. 
Me, i’m so tiny to defeat that creature in that castle. I need of your help, i know that you can solve my problem. Surely i will not can pay you with a such beautiful plate like this, but i will be grateful you if you could take the consideration of my case.” 

You have got back with the his letter in hand, looking to comprehend more, but it was sees that everything he had to explain he have done writing that letter. 
I have stoppd you before you had have the possibility to formulate a question.
Without make him see, i delicately touched your hand, and i have replied him: “From yesterday, when we got back, we have take cosideration to go there and see how’s the situation, your words have touched us much. we have found much ourselves in what you have wrote..” and i have passed him his letter, and he have read it once again.

“When you entered, we were about to organize ourselves to go out and go there”. 
It was useless say that those great eyes were asking us come with us. 
We have looked at each other for a while, then we have accepted. 
On the other hand he woud have could help us to explore the land around, and he would explained us better how the facts have develop themselves. We have nodded and he have smiled us.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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