Even this year – 37th open letter to Luke

Is about to end, and what you are making me feel is growing always more.
It’s strabiliant what i’m feeling in these days, and despite our great distance, each time i feel your closeness it’s like you are here close to me.
Almost you move me.

I wish you everything you want in this year. Happiness, tranquillity, calm, and that your thoughts may fly in freely. 

I thank you always for everything you are making me feel, despite we don’t know each personally, but maybe we know each other in the greater way that the universe have wanted it. Maybe the most beautiful. That one between two souls that by chance have met themselves, and in someways they have found the way to communicate. 
Also in these hours i can perceive your arms around my belly tightening me stronger.
And maybe that’s why i can’t hold back my tears. 

I looking at you and i can hear your sweet voice wrap my being. 
I throw away all the air from the lungs, because touching your tiny mole, just in these seconds Our Parallel World is becoming the most beautiful place of the our universe.

I’m shaking inside, and my hearts is beating like a crazy, and you are feeling it despite our real distance.

It was from long time that i wanted send you something, and now you have gave me this possibilty i want send you something mine.

My head is turning fast, i don’t know what is happening, but i know is something regarding our connection. 
The soft punch in the stomach is growing fast. Maybe you have read that little message i have sent you, who know… everything it’s possible. 

Your closeness is here, and it’s almost tangible, and in someways you can feel mine surrounding you.
It’s so magical what happens around us. 

And each time i see that magical flag i want think that it’s you, and in someway the little voice inside me, when it’s you, is warn me. 
I love you so much, and you know that it’s not that kind of love  that everybody can imagine. 
It’s something deeper, that involve mind and  the deepest part of the soul. 
It’s our love it’s our connection. 

You are so special, and i thank you each day to being entered so sweetly in my life.


Listen to it 🔉⤵💜

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