Your glance

Toward me, and that big breathe it’s all for you. 
I can perceive something stronger than ever, 
Your tiny mole it’s something in which i could lose myself, and your mouth ajar, it’s something that i adore.

That sparkling in your eyes illuminate the entire room, and your arms around my belly are the most beautiful thing that i can feel. 
Our soft punch in the stomach is says me that in someway you are feel me.
And now our electric shocks are crossing our minds. 

Your closeness is strong around even in this bedroom, and your arm are tightening me always stronger
It’s beautiful what you are making me feel in these hours. 
Our connection is making itself always more magical. 
It’s enough one electric shock, that we are connected, despite our distance and  we are close.
It’s everything so magical with you.


Listen to it🔉⤵

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