If i didn’t

Started write you, i would about go crazy. 
I have felt your embrace around my belly and your arms hve tightened me strong.
Our soft punch in the stomach have grow all sudden. 
I have been surrounded by milion of emotions and when i see Dagaz in front of me, i have throw away all the air from the lungs. 
Laguz it says me that it goes how it have to go.

I still thinking about  my smoky quartz, and all my thoughts goes to you.
My heart is beating like a crazy, and i know you are feeling it. 
Everything is turning around Our Parallel World, and everything is becoming more magical than we have always figured. 
If i look at you like this, i want believe that something have knocked at your heart, and you are still thinking from where it have arrived…

Despite our distance, our souls are close and that magic is growing always more around us.
Our magic connection is made even by these little things, that day by day, are make part of our life together. 
One day we will talk about it, embraced tight in Our Parallel World.


Listen to it🔉⤵


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