Only in those -51-

Instants we  were realizing that everything  was over, while the adrenaline was running in our veins still fast, and it seemed us still to dream, but it was real. 
You was embracing me, and i have the eyes closed, listening to your heart, that slowly getting calm. 
You was tightening me strong for fear i could escape, but certainly i didn’t wanted.

We had many thoughts that were chasing each other, and questions that wanted replies, but when our glances have met, all those questions have had their answers. 
For a last time we have throw away all the air from the lungs. 
That policeman who for that time have made us from taxidriver, at end, he have asked us where we wanted go. 
We knew where we have would loved to go, and as a normal end of day, at unison we have said: “To the striptease club!”
We knew that before to rest, we had to made us see where our friends were waiting for, above all you.
And so the police car have execeed his building to run across some meters more, and it have stopped right in front of that anonymous wooden door. 

When from inside, Cyclope have seen that police car, have warned everybody. He had thought that something have happened after my phone call, but after seen that from that car we have came out, on his big snout, his unique eye have brighted more, and he have began screaming: “They arrived! They arrived!” 
The customers at those  few tables in front at the counter haven’t understand of who he was talking about, but when galloping Yvonne have arrived, she have wide open the door, and she have been the first to welcomed and letting us enter.

We were so tired for all the events, but see some friends was of which we had need in those moments.
I didn’t had still see Michelle, and everybody were asking you how were you. Yvonne was giving orders to Cyclope to get prepare something to drink. “Something strong” had said, making us sat at one of  more comfy table of that small anteroom.

While i was about to sat, from behind that brownish drapery have came out Michelle. She have remained firm to look at us for a long minute.  When our eyes have met each other, immediately both eyes got wet, and the big grey creature have came closer to me. We have stared at each other, and without say nothing, she have lifted me up, and embracing me, she have looked at you, saying: “I knew that you was still loved her… welcome back my guy!”
She was saying those words observing you, how much you was tightening me to you. 

And only when that anteroom have became only ours, she have wanted know everything.
Our stories have perfectly intertwinned themselves. At end only Yvonne have said: “You should write a book about this story.” We have looked at each other smiling, then we have stared our interlucutors and you have said: “We have do a last thing to write the end word at all this adventure” and you have left to me explain the promise i had made to Pepe and the homeless. 

I have pulled out that picture of me and you together, making it see to the others. 
“I didn’t ever gave it back him. When i have realized that i had it in my pocket, i have looked at it and i made myself that promise. Now that everything is over they can get back in city. In someways i feel responsible. If was happened something to them, i would not have ever forgive it to myself.”

Ended, i have looked at you who have nodded me.
We wanted go personally go there, as soon possible, but at least we had to give to Pepe time to organize himself, so i have asked Cyclope pass me the phone.
I would have call Pepe and tell him that everything was over, and he would could to take the homeless finally at his motel, where he would could take cure of him, and give him of which he had need, making him resting himself in a real bed, and we would have come the next day to take them.

I have hanged the handset, looking at everybody especially you. 
That glance haven’t escaped to the careful eyes of Michelle, who at end said with a mischievous smile: “We thank you to have thought to us, but now you have to think to yourself. You have many things to say each other. You have to rest.” She had understand immediately that from when it have ended, we had have not a minute of real intimacy, and that was missing us much. We have shyly smiled her, but before to leave the striptease club i have wanted say her: “Michelle now everything this is your!” She have looked at me speechless, knowing that what she had wished few days ago, could become true for real.”


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