Told everything -52-

 To everybody, we deserved  a bit of  rest and above all stay alone.
And so we have saluted our friends, and we have left the striptease club.
Michelle have accompanied us to the exit, and she have seen us taken the street of return.
She have sweetly smile when from behind have seen you who delicately have taken my hand.
She have could hear my heart beating strong, and when she was about to enter she have thought to those words i have said her about that local.
She have stared the sign for a while, then she entered, looking her friends who were looking at her at their turn.
She have dished out one of her biggest smile. In her big head were turning already some changing the she have would make into the club.

During the walk of return to our agency, that only unique touch of hands it was enough.
We could hear our breath. We were reliving the latest hours, but in our minds we could not wait to exceed that door and throw away everything behind our shoulders.
As soon glimpsed the main entrance of our building, you have stop for a while, and in sigh, you have said: “How much i have missed it! I have smiled you, and dragging you toward it, i have said: “Exceeded it it will be over definitely”.

It seemed, that entered would vanish everything what we had faced to.
Arrived in front of that building, you have stopped me and, maybe for exorcise everything, you have looked at me deeply, giving me one of the most passionate kiss.
Break away, i stared at you breathless, and after reprise, i have said: “Don’t do it once again”. 
You knew of what i was talking about. You nodded caressing my face.
After we have stopped for a while, looking at us around. The city had welcomed the evening, and it seemed more beautiful than ever, and even those “small monsters” seemed smiling us.
We both have throw away all the air from the lungs, and with a gentle gesture, you have made me enter in the lobby of the building, waiting for that i had taken the key.

You have waited for that i had inserted the key in the keyhole, and when you have heard the click, you have taken me and you have turned me toward you.
Kissing me once again more passionately than before, we entered.
It seemed that we were dancing. Your hands were tightening my hips, while we were turning on ourselves. 
My hands were on your chest, while our breath were wrapping us.

That office, was how i had left it the latest time i been there. The sheet of papers of the reports of Billy&Bob were scattered on floor, and at our passage they have fly, but we didn’t have neither notice them.
When we have turned the corner, you have fallen on that couch, and gently, you have dragged me with you.
Our hearts were going crazy.

Your hands had unfastened my shirt, and only in those seconds i have could hear the softness of your hand on my skin.
I have missed the breath for a long moment. I had forget how much you was so delicate, and when our glances have meet each other, all the world have stopped itself, and those eyes into others, it seemed, they had lost the way. 
Only when i placed your hand on my chest, very delicately you have taken mine and you done the same.

That softy sensation that we were feeling, it was spreading from our brain to all body, and as much strong, despite was delicate, it have overwhelmed us, and looking at each other, some tear drop have falling from our eyes.
We had no need say nothing. Our emotions were doing it for us. 
We weren’t make love physically, but our souls were finding themselves once again.

Only with sweet touches, delicate sighs, deep glances, and lips that were caressing each other, we were making little promises in which if was happened something like this thing,  we would have say us everything, and none of us would be escape away.

Now i wanted make you hear my heart. It was beating in different way than before. It had  unreguraly beating. It wasn’t for the excitement that i was feeling  just few minutes ago. It was a beating deeper, that involved every my senses, and only looking at you straight into those blue eyes, maybe it would got calm, and despite we didn’t have take a shower, and we had a horrible smell on, in those delicatest moments, we could perceive our real skin perfume.

Making slide my hand inside your shirt, i have caressed only for few seconds, your chest, and leaning on it, i have felt your heart beat, and delicately i have fallen asleep, while you was tightening me stronger to you.”


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