If it was

The umpeenth proof, this would the bigger. 
If in your path you will meet a smoky quartz you have to know that was mine.
Collect it and bring everywhere you go. 
Let you surprise by this wonderful crystal. It will protect you. 

I have brought it everywhere i went, till when have lost it, and i love think that’s is true what i have read: “It had ended his path with me, and across my body, my mind it have reached you, who had more need of it than me”. 

If you meet it in your path take care of it, as i done till now. 
I want think that that one small crystal is the umpeenth proof that our souls are connected by a strenght stronger than we can figure.

In meanwhile other double number have surrounded me, and now i feel your closeness, your arms around my belly, and my heart is beating strong. 
These small signs are something that make me reflect much.

I’m still looking for the smoky quartz, but i want believe that have arrived to you.
Everything is so misteriously magic. 
I’m looking at you, and in someway, something it saying me you have received that smoky quartz. 
Take care of it. 
Our Parallel World is so close, and we are inside of it.


Listen to it 🔉⤵

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