In that instant -50-

Certainly we didn’t wanted meet that creature who had got both in troubles, but at least we would had have a little revenge.
Seriously, you have smiled me, and i have tightened your hand stronger than i could. 
You have could hear my heart beating like a crazy.
When we have came out from that place, that hangar it wasn’t the same, with all those lasers of the weapons of the raid squad pointed on those creatures who, in someways were still looking for to escape, it seemed a red labyrinth.

When we have reached Jim, we have turned, and so for the very first time, we both have been in front of that creature, who in someway had recognized you, and with a malicious smile had saluted you, saying: “I see that my bodyguards haven’t treated you like the other one!” 
On your face, you had only small scratches and a couple of bruise. We knew who was talking about, and to taste that revenge nip, you have said: “Nope, but he have been him to say me everything. Your bodyguard have broke his legs, leaving him under that bridge believing that in few hours, he would be dead, instead he have been  hard as a rock, he’s still alive. It’s even thank to him that we arrived till here. You had to assured yourself that he was dead!” 

I was hearing your sentences with the heart in throat. For a couple time have could not swallow, but at third time, i have threw down even the heart in the chest, taking courage, i have came closer to him and after a couple of seconds that seemed lasted an eternity, our glances have met. I didn’t have say nothing, i knew he was squaring me, because he had recognized my face, but he had difficulty to place in which place.

Always holding your hand, i have approached more, and in a sigh, i have said: “Let me refresh your mind…in the striptease club. When our glances have met, you had not still realized that you was looking at your end. I will not tell everything, but when you have made dissapear my boyfriend, you have unleash something bigger that you would have not been capable to manage. And now your great plan went in hell. You can’t no longer raze the city at your pleasure.”

Just after said that, the face of that disgusting creature had focused me better. Yes i was that human being at the striptease club who i didn’t got smile back, and when he have looked at Jim, he have recognized him as the one that had blown his cover  in that perfect building next to the striptease.
On the face of that creature there was still a last hope to overturn our plan, but it was only in his mind. 
His arrogance was making not see him that, by now, he could not do nothing. 
He was still laughing aloud, making us think that he had still many resources to exploit. 
Instead, Jim knew well that wasn’t true, having studied all those datas on those monitors.

Maybe that day, he have came to the hangar to see in reality how many weapons he had it available, and give some further orders, but he had choose the wrong day. 
The more the raid squad have come closer to him and his bodyguards, the more the lasers pointing on his small peturberance on his head, and it was enough that he had make a bad move, and he would be dead, and he knew it very well. 
He was firm where he was. We had gave him another a couple of minutes to say something else, but by now, the more the time was passing, the more that swagger, was little by little, was  vanishing, and a sense of defeat all sudden have printed on his face. 

As soon Jim have noticed it, have ordered to a couple of creatures of his raid squad to take him and brought him inside the lorry.
When he have passed in fron of us, he have stopped for a while, it seemed he wanted say something, but he haven’t said nothing. But something we have read in that glance, but when Jim have came closer to us, assuring us that he would have passed all rest of his life in jail. He have smiling us. 

Jim made arrive another police car, so we have woud could get back in city and warning everybody that everything was over, and we have would could rest for a bit, but i had to maintain that promise, and i wanted that you came with me. 
Entered in car, you have tightened my hand and i have lean my head on your chest. 
We both have throw away all the air from the lungs.
Everything was real over.”


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⇐Now we had -49-

Only in those -51-⇒

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