From when -36-

Jim and his raid squad have back in truck a sort of silence have filled the mean of transport. 
Everybody inside knew my sense of discomfort, above all Jim who was looking for to try  to get me better, but he knew that even those words he had said about your special card hadn’t got me up, as he had wished.

At end almost arrived to the police department, he have asked where i would wanted being bring.
For a moment i have been esitant. I didn’t know, but at end i have decided to got back in agency. 
I wanted stay alone and reflect, so i have said with a feeble voice: “Please at my office”. 
After a double knock to the roof of the truck Jim have nodded. 
During that small ride, he have checked the wound that i had on forehead, and he have medicated me. He have checked me even with a tiny flashlight making me following the light with the glance, and ended it he have seen that i was ok, despite that blow in head that i had received.

But when the truck have stopped in front to the building, after helped me to go down, he have gave a business card, saying me: “In case of necessity you can call me, if you are feel strange, call me immediately!”
He have accompanied me to the door, and only at end he gave me the bag with all my folders of that damned investigation. 
I thanked him for everything, and i have closed the door behind my shoulders.

I knew what he would wanted say me, but at least he have been kind to don’t say that phrase that i was repeating myself since i have seen you. “You are alive, you are alive…!”
Repeating that phrase for the milionth time in my head, i have throw away all the air from the lungs, looking at me  around in that office that almost i didn’t have recognized. 
I had still the heart in throat and that blood savour in mouth seemed being a costant of those hours.

I had placed the bag with the folder on the small table in front of that couch, and slowly i have sat there. 
For a moment i have emptied the mind, but all of a sudden, you got back in my mind. Your desperate glance and your screamed, have resounded in all my body, and when my glance have take a look at those two pictures of you, that small tear have become a real cry.
I was so close to set you free, but now who knows where they had brought you.

When i have heardt a police siren in the middle of the night, i have reprised myself, and i have taken  undercontrol the emotional  part of me that i never made see anyone, only to you. 
Drying the latest tear that was rolling from my face, i got up and i went to your desk, and i took that street map with that red cross, and have started to studied it better, 
I have started to study in which part of the city  they could being went. 
I have begin exclude common places. If  they had  still in mind to raze the city, they had to have a place closer than i could imagine.
Beside that building next to the striptease club, i knew that were another couple a forsaken buildings around the city, and for sure they were went in one of them, but which?

Luke had even his special card, but i knew that he would have played it if  i hadn’t uncovered nothing, but he knew that i would have found him, and i would went till the end, and now i was in the middle of that tangle and i have would do everything to stop it.

My mind was running like a crazy. Thoughts were chasing other thoughts, but my body was demanding a real stop from all this at least few hours. My bones got hurts me a little for the accumulated tension, and even if i wanted work more that night, my body have denied me to continue.

When i heard once again the police siren resounding in that silent city, i looked at outside the window behind your desk, and when the red and blue lights have entered for a couple of time in the room, i have thought once again to you and to your glance straight inside mine, and my heart have started to beat strong. 
For a moment i believed to hear your sweet voice, and that situation was only a nightmare, but when those red and blue light have vanish everything got back normal, my glance have placed on your pictures a lump have grew in my throat, so i have decide to turned off the light in that big room and i laid myself on that couch became uncomfortable since when you had “decided” to leave me.
I have closed the eyes thinking to your glance astonished when you have seen me few hours ago.
Throwing away all the air from the lungs, i fallen asleep.”


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