The morning -37-

After i got up with a great headache, but i was determinated to continue what i had began the before evening. 
I had only need a big cup of black coffee and all the pain would be vanish, in few sips of that drink.
I hadn’t to only find you, but even find my two collaborators Billy&Bob, and i have dived myself, once again in their reports, excluding what they had wrote about you movements. 
I had to find small particulars about the buildings around your walking. Maybe i would have find where they were now, and above all where you was.

I taken my cup of hot coffee, but before drink the first i had already discarded half  reports of my men, but i had marked some places that they could being some right places, and i had already marked them on the map. 
My only downside was that i had a terrible sense of orientation. Maybe i would be able to reach the place, but i would be lost getting back, and it would been useful have someone by my side. 

Reasoning on all that, and who i would could calling, i was walking up and down in that office, full of sheet of papers scattered on the floor, but for now i didn’t care of it. I was thinking to you and at those seconds in which our eyes have met each other. That sparkle in that scared glance, and then your scream. 
I had risked my life once and i had failed, but now i wanted saved you for real. 

I have drunk all my coffee sat on that uncomfortable couch, reordining better my thoughts, and above all deciding who could really have helping me.
When my glance have fallen on the Jim’s business card on that lttle table, i have throw away all the air from the lungs.
He was the only one of which i have could trust without tell lies.
In each case, i would have call him to let him know how i was. When he had left me in front of my door, he seemed a bit worry. 
With in hand his business card i was formulating all the speech that i would have do him, but before call him, i would have to go to the striptease and tell every my friends that i was ok, and above all you was still alive. 
I would call Jim from there, and maybe i would made him go there and esposing my idea in an enviroment in which i was in confort, maybe it was the better thing i would could do.

My thoughts were running fast, but when they have stops the first thing that got back in my mind was you and your glance. 
Without thinking much, i have take the business card, the street map, and the new notes i have wrote about those couple of buildings and i have came out, leaving all that chaos on the floor. 
Came out from the building, i have stop for a while, looking at me around, throwing a glance up to the sky, and the grey light have annoyed me a bit. 
Only after a couple of seconds i have remembered about that blow i have received just few hours ago, and delicately i touched head, and with a grimace i have directed toward the striptease club.

Despite the ride for the club was short, in that  walk i have lifted up the collar of my raincoat, but i was paying attention to each creatures who i was meeting, hoping to recognize someone of the creatures of last night, and i knew that the better place to hid himself was in middle of the crowd and acting normal. 
For a couple of time i have clashed with some creatures, but don’t for my guilt. 
The first time my heart have stopped, but fortunately it was only a creature who was losing the tram, instead the second one, got me suspiscious: he haven’t excuse himself, and he have shared a cold glance, going away.
Maybe the experience of few hours ago have impressed me more than i wanted admit to myself,  but i have recorded that clash in my mind.

Only when i entered in the striptease club i have feel in safe, and when i have met Cyclope’s glance, i throw away all the air from the lungs. I knew that he was the only one to which i had not to tell everything, and he have only asked me how did i feel. I have looked at him without reply. He have bitter smiled me.
When i have sat on one of his stools, he gently have stretching me one glass and he said that everythin i have would ordered was free. I thanked him, but before to taste the good coffee that was steaming from that mug, i have asked him if i could use the black phone.
When he have brought it in front of me, i have pulled out from the pocket the Jim’s business card and for a moment i have looked at it, then i have shared a glance with Cyclope, who had recognized it, and with his unique eye have looked at me astonished. Without explaining him nothing, he had understand all my intentions, and only when he have heard me invited Jim to the striptease while i was pulling out the streetmap, he had comprehended that whatever was the end of that story, i would have saved Luke. He have sweetly smiled me, and i got back him the smile with a sad note in face.”


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