When i

Have started to feel the soft punch in the stomach, and i have see that double number, i have immediately thought that somethiing was starting, and slowly it have been so. 

I have felt your closeness around in this room, and when i throw away all the air from the lungs, i have felt your arms arms around my belly, and my heart have began to beat strong.

Gebo is in front of me, and it makes me  convice me always more that there is a magical union between you and me, and those double number that i have see before have a profound meaning. 
Everything is turning in a magical way between us

The more i thinking about, the more i can perceive that you feel it too. 
That light i see inside your eyes is something that make me hope that Our Parallel World is something real, and it is our magical thread that in someways is unite us always more. 

In these days i really miss you, and maybe my Grey Tale is telling all my effort to reach you. I miss see that small flag that  say that in someways you are close to me, despite our real distance.
I miss you in every way, but now i feel you close to me. Do you miss i too?


Listen to it🔉⤵

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