The creatures -35-

Were waiting for the sign of Jim to cross the stair, and when he have gave it, i have looked at him breathless. 
As many venomous snakes, his men have ran silently along that white stair, and i have followed him. 
This time he have been the last one to cross that little aisle with me behind his shoulders.

His”men” have checked each room that they have met, and they have not found anything particular at first glimpse or nobody, but the more they have went ahead, have had the confirmation that it was from the last room placed in front of us from where which we had hear your voice, and when of one of his creatures have indicated with the finger that room, all of a sudden everything got slow, but i knew it was my mind that was playing with me. 
Everybody have approaching to the door, but not me. 
I have remained in the middle of the aisle, looking the entire scene in slow motion.

Jim have wided open the door screaming everybody to remain where they were, but whoever were inside have made the exact contrary of his orders, and they jumped off the window, taking even you from the collar of the shirt, and immediately i got back in me, screaming your name running inside that empty room. 
Jim have not think much and looking at me, have jumped off from the window. For a thousandth of a second i have looked at him, and right after a creature of his team have taken me and together we have went down the stairs a from the window from we entered we have came out, and we have  followed the big noises. 

I was looking at the creature who, now, have became my bodyguard, looking at himself around to protect me, and only when we have reached the location of the conflict,  i hid myself in a safe place, and the creature went help the others.
There have been even some weapons shots from both side, and you was in the middle of that conflict still tied up and dragged away from one of  your jailer.
When i seen they were bringing you away, i got up and i have screamed your name, and our eyes met each other for the very first time. I have came out from that hid place, screaming at full lungs once again your name, and what i was feeling in those instants, was the real dread. I didn’t know what do. 

I was so confused, and for the first time i didn’t have see Jim, and his creatures were walking faster everywhere, looking for catch those creatures who seemed faster than raid squad. 
I remained stand still there, looking at you have been who  have dragged away from someone, and when our glances have met once again, you have screamed my name, and right after someone have made me fallen on ground, and i have recognized immediately the cold weapon against my head. 

In those instants i thought that my time have came. That creature was still threating me. I was hearing they weren’t gentle words, on the contrary. 
He was dragging me to the exact point where i saw you  few minutes ago.
He have pointed me his weapon once again in head and he have wanted put me with the face on the floor, and when he said i would have die in shortly, i looking for isolate me only thinking to you, and when i heard that he had recharged his weapon, a tear have rolling out from my eyes, mixing with the rain that was falling  from that dark sky. 

I had still his cold weapon pointed on my head. I had the eyes closed, and when i felt one shot resounded in that little place, i have immediately thought that it have been fast that i didn’t have felt nothing. Was i dead?
I didn’t wanted turn myself immediately, but when i have heard a body fallen behind me, i have opened the eyes and i have realized that i wasn’t dead, but that one dead was the creature who had catched me. 
I have looked at him for a couple of seconds, and then i have lifted the glance and  saw Jim who seriousely was smiling.
He seemed asking me “Forgive me”. When  he have came closer to help  to stand me up, and  he asked if i was ok. 
I would wanted say “No, i’m not ok” but it was better don’t say nothing, and i shrugged.  He immediately understand that i had passed better times than that one.

He have looked at me for a second, then he have said: “We have tried chasing them, but unfortunaly there have been quicker than us, but their arsenal it’s still in that building. I think where they went  they have not another armory, like that. Each room in that building is full of  any kind of bombs to raze the city. But now they know that we are behind their tracks…” I have looked at him and in a sigh, i have asked: “… and my Luke?” 
He have looked at me and he have said me sure of what he was about to say.
“If  don’t still have nothing happened him , it’s mean that he have still a special card to play. He is in safe. He is smart.” Jim have accompanied inside the truck, and when he have helped me to get up inside we have looked at each other for an instant and then i have throw away all the air from the lungs, thinking to your glance inside mine. I have sighed your name, and that tear have appeared once again on my face.”



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