My heart is

Beating like a crazy since when i saw that little flag. It was long time that i didn’t see it. Almost two months. Then you after few hour after you are appared once again with your reading, and everything around me have taking form, but i still can’t believe it that is only a coincidence, but all match. 

It seems that you have came to see me, and then you have decide to upload your video, but however what you have make me feel have been one of the strongest emotion in these six year of our magical connection. 

Now, if i close the eyes, i can perceive your embrace from behind and your breathe is wrapping me delicately.
I can feel your sigh, and inside me the soft punch in the stomach is growing more. 
My head is turning sweetly.

I’m shaking, because i’m still reasoning on what have happened, and it seem me all so incredible. 
These little little but very significant events one behind the other, and so linked each other.
I’m looking at you, and in you i see Our Parallel World making itself more beautiful.
 I would like to make you feel how fast is beating my heart, and in someway i can feel your that beat like mine.

I feel your closeness around me and now, i can’t not even swallow. 
Our souls are sweetly touching, and we both are feeling it.
You are my tiny light inside me.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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