I didn’t know -18-

 How presenting myself. I was a bit embarassed. I have laughed nervously, but at end, i have looked at that small creature with those funny eyes out of eyes socket, and looking at him, who was waiting for that i speaking, i have taken courage looking the tag on the white blouse, and i have started to talk.
“Good morning Pepe, you don’t know me personally, but i’m the girl who you have called few days ago saying me that Luke haven’t back in motel…” 
Pepe have looked at me for a bit, trying remebember, then all of sudden his strange eyes have brightened more, and he have studied me deeper, as if from the voice, he had imagined another creature, then he have smiled and he said: “Yes i remember. Do you have news about him?”

To that question it was useless reply, because he could see it from my sad face, but however i have gently replied to that small creature with black hair and black pair of moustaches.  There was a long minute of silence, in which both was looking for formulate the right  phrase for don’t embarass who had in front.

I had read everything in the B&B report, but hear a direct voice with which you had spoken was different. So i have looked at straight into his eyes, and i have pretended to don’t know nothing about his movements, and with total sincerity, i have asked him to say me how was his behaviour since when had taken a room in that motel.
“He always have been a solitary being, but seemed, he had alot to do. When he arrived  here the first time, he had only a big brownish leather bag, and he have asked the silentest room of the motel, even if here every room are very silent, i gave him the latest room on the first floor. The first morning he got down and he didn’t have asked the breakfast, but he have gave me this business card, and he have came out with a bag smaller, and he went to the diner in front.” 

When Pepe gave me that business card, i have recognized our. Without realizing i have thrown away all the air from the lungs, and the small creature have looked me, and without say nothing, he have asking me if i was ok. I have nodded thanking him.
Then i prayed him to go on. and he looking at himself around, as if there was someone else, have looked at me, then he have continued.
“The first evening he got back in motel, he back very late, but he have asked me if he could stay in the library, he said me that he had to checked something ,maybe he would have found what he searching for, and maybe he have found, because in the library, now there is no longer a book about the story of the city”.

This was a thing that B&B as much good as they were, they couldn’t know, and i have take note of that small but important particular. I thanked him so much. I was about to asked him if i could go upstairs to see your room, maybe i would noticed something else, but he have said me something else. 
“Only few couple days his arrive in motel i have noticed  go around a machine never seen before, with inside two being black dressed, and have began to follow him wherever he went. Maybe they are those who have kidnapped him… the evening that he haven’t back at the usual hour, i have started worried. I had that business card, and i have remember that he have said: “For anything you have to call it, and i have done!” 

I have looked at Pepe with wide eyes open, and i haven’t explained him that those being black dressed were my men, but he’ve been so careful to report even the smallest thing. 
After having listen to his words with much careful, and after have waited for that he hadn’t nothing else add,  i have shyly have asked  to see his room. I hoped to find something that it coud say me more about all this matter.

The little Pepe, have looked at me still more onet ime, but only after few seconds, he have conviced himself that i was the right being to solve this case of disappearence, even if he didn’t knew the whole matter that there was behind.
He have smiled me and with a big jump, he got down from the stool, not before have take the key of the room. 
I thanked him once again, and with Pepe front, i went upstairs.”


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