– Epilogue –

Everybody were looking at that grave, and both our men, were embracing their beloved, but only one question have broken the silence that was wrapping that solemn atmosphere, and that question have came out from that big and deep voice that belonged to the big Roger, and he have only asked: “What do you mean?”

Only after few seconds of an interdict glances, we have looked at Roger and Margaret, and only few shy smiles, you have looked at them then very seriously, and with all calmness, you have started to explain our theory.

“When have died HIM, for us have been  a great shock, we have tried to heal him from that big wound caused by that shot, but even if we have tried everything, he haven’t made it.”  while you was explain, i have looked at you, and only i have understand that you had to stop for a while, i have tightened your hand, and i have continued for you.

“His death have been a great lost for Luke, above all when he have seen HIM live in that dimension. When he came out for the very first time, Luke have been speechless, i don’t know for how long. He have represented alot for him, and when he have been killed by a shot gun, Luke have seen all his hopes, dreams, vanish in a blink, and it have been a shock even for me. See that creature of which only Luke was comprehending his strange guttural sound, dying under the eyes have been so painful, but in someways his death have changed us in better. HIM have changed our conception of life, he have tought us to see beyond the appareances, and when have asked us, where we have would wanted pass our lives, he have made us understand that beyond the real world, there  were another dimensions to explore, and not only because they had need of our help, but because morever, we have would could amplify our conciousness, and we have would coud see something that in that world that we call it real, we have would ever see.”

I was speaking without realize that, everything have came out  from my mouth, was uphevaling Roger and Margaret, and only slowly, they were reaching to the point in which we both, wanted brought them.
And only when we everybody have looked at the illuminated pit, for a while Roger have looked at us in silence, and then he have directed his glance toward her beloved Margaret, and Margaret have started to whispered.

“You mean, the nimble creature will be  a kind of your fateful creature?”  she asked looking at herself around, and only at end she have looked at Roger, and finally her gaze have met our. 
Taken breathe again, have been you to reply her.
“Yes, most likely it will be so. His death have been so similar to that one of HIM”, and looking at straight into my eyes, you have continued. 
“Take care of this grave. Most likely, one day he will appear again under an etheral form, and for who had need, he will be there.” And so you have ended, but i had something to add. 
“Maybe he will be your medium to talk with the Golden Griffin.” And only with this last sentence, the two enormous creatures have looked at each other, questioning only one thing, then they have stared at us in silence, but in that silence was full of words that chasing each other and they didn’t wanted stop. 

Understanding their glances, we have looked at us, delicately you have tightened me strong, ad with a soft tone of voice, you have said: “Our time is almost over, we don’t know how and when HIM will arrive, but we wanted say you these little but very important things.”

Immediately after said this, Roger have turned on the device that he had still, and he called Jabe, and have said him to reach us immediately, and without say  him the position, he have turned off the device. 
We everybody, knew that Jabe in front of his big screens, had the whole situation under control, and in  short time, we have seen him arrive.
With a short gesture, he have said that everything was ok, and that the webcam on the mountain close to the Golden Griffin were on. 

We had smiled at him, and throwing away the air from the lungs, you have said Jabe: “We will miss you so. You have been so fondametal in this operation. The inhabitants will have need of your skills. 
Roger, your special deparment from now on, it will be a refer point for everybody, don’t ever forget it”, and while you was saying those words, i was speaking menthally with Margaret who, only at end of my words, she have came closer, and she have said: “You will be a human being with your defects, but in the time you have been here, you have tought me alot. What you have put on, before to know that a Golden Griffin was about to born, have been illuminating for me, You are a faboulous girl. I will keep you in my heart, always”, and so she have embraced me strong, and i have done the same, but now you have ask if we have could go in their apartment to rest a while, and at this demand Roger have looked at us strange first, but immediately he have understand and he have gave us the keys. 

When they would be comeback, we would be already vanished, but we wanted rest a bit. 
Opened the door of that small apartment we have sit on that sofa, and sweetly you have taken me between your arms and slowly we have fallen asleep.”


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