I came here

And i immediately whispered your name, and right now i felt your arms around my belly. 
I have close the eyes, and you have sighed mine.

Everything have vanished and Our Parallel World have raised up around us. 
Everything is slowly disapearing, and our emotions are the only things we have need. 

Our soft punch in the stomach are bonding us always more, and the small eletric shocks, slowly are crossing our minds, making grow our connection, making us feel always closer. 

Our hearts is beating strong. My fingers are shaking on this keyboard, and you eyes are straight into mine.
“Tight me strong” i say you, while i close the eyes throwing away all the air from the lungs. 
Delicately i feel your arms around my belly, while you turn me.
Our eyes meet, and you say: “It’s ok.”  You take my hand, and you place it on your chest. 

We remain so in silence, while you pull me toward you, carressing my face. 
Our foreheads touch, while you say something that only my soul can perceive
My head is about to explode, while Our Parallel World is around us. 

Your lips are approaching to mine and when they touch, in the universe we remain only us, and those eyes make me explode. 
You tranquilize me. “Everything is ok. Breathe with me”. 
And you start to move me in our slow dance, and everything become calm. 


Listen to it⇓⇓

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