In this solitary room, looking at you, those blue oceans, and from far i can perceive you come closer, and my heart begin to beat  a bit faster than usual.
Everything turning around, and  our heart are start to beating unison. 

I dive myself in those two blue eyes and there i can lose myself. Just touching your tiny mole, i can feel secure, and everything around have becoming Our Parallel World.

Everything is so light when Our World is raise around us, and despite we are so distant, something inside us, it say us that we are close.

Our minds are opening, and what we are feeling is our connection is around.
We feel our hearts are beating stronger, and without make it on pourpose, i see the clock and 19&19 is approach quickly.

In those seconds, everything vanish, and in whole world we esist only us, all the rest disappear. We feel something stronger than us, and our souls are softly touching. 
We make the sweetest love, and then everything comeback as  it was, but our souls are upheavel for what have felt, and that thin thread that unite us, have become always bigger and stronger.

We have to take  a long breathe to make comeback everything how it was, before our connection, but itsn’t possible.
Everything we feeling is still around, and you are looking at me in that way, and i can only remain breathless. I look at you and i whisper your name.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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