– 34 –

Finally when we had the possibility to descent the mountain, we have taken all and  with the first light of the morning, we have take a look to the the path that we had to do, and Margaret have put herself in lead, and she have decided that Jabe would been the last one, so i would  been in the middle. 
And with this formation, we have started the descent.

We hadn’t assisted to the whole ceremony of the Golden Griffin, or at least, we had not heard what he had said during that small bury ceremony, but the more we went on, the more we have could perceive something beautiful and profound was happened. 
We had left the Golden Griffin in his nest, sleeping, but unconsciously, but even not, we knew that he was always in alert, and in someway he was looking at us  going away, and with his magic, he was indicanting the shortest way to reach the town.

When we had started to climb the mountain, all around there was an atmosphere from which it was better escape away, and the mountain, in those minutes, was the best place to stay. 
On the contrary, that descent, at each steps were doing, it seemed welcoming us, in that  that have would been tthe new future of that dimension. 

All around of the city, there were still, the signs of that have making us understand, that that night have been the last night of fights, but even  the hardest one of all.  The latest sign of that battle have been the big fire in the middle of the piazza of the city, that was still steaming, but at least and luckily, have been turned off, but that smell was still in the nose of the creatures, who slowly had cleaned the streets from the rest of  dead bodies, by now, unrecognizable, and now the scavengers, members of the opposite gang, were helping others without thinking only of their own survival, and this have make me shocked me so. 

Only few hours ago, they had thrown me a glance of warning if i was came closer to them, and now they were helping the others, keeping for them the parts still eatable, and that anger that i had seen in their eyes, all of sudden, have vanished. 
In only few seconds i have understand that now they had conquered their really freedom, and they had ended to fight even for a crumb of food. 
Those that i had met, now were smiling, and looking for to being forgive by me. 

Now that we were back in town, each of us was looking for their own beloved, while Jabe have run in the special department to see if all the equipment was still working, and that anybody had steal anything, and restart all the system.

Me and Margaret have walked alot along those steaming streets, looking at us around, and only when Margaret have noticed that several creatures have spreading the soft yellow light of the Golden Griffin, i have looked at her astonished, and without thinking much, i have taken that small device and i have pushed the red botton, and i have started to call you, i was sure that Margaret was doing the same with Roger, and only when after few minutes, we have heard your voice, we both have began to search you, and when our eyes met, we have believed that it was only fruit of our imagination, but when we both came closer, we touched, and you have sighed: “You are here..” and taking my hand you have placed it on your chest. 

It seemed it was passed an eternity from the last one, and maybe it have been so. Now everything around was the spectrum of itself, but the only different things, were those lights that Margaret had noticed inside at some creatures, and only when you have realized, you have sighed: “Come. I make you see something.” And taking my hand, as if it was a new thing, you have brought me and Margaret, who had finally found Roger, in front of that pit, and slowly you have told us, how it went.
And only when our eyes met once again, we have thought to the same thing, and you have tightened me strong, looking at Roger and Margaret who were looking at the light that came from inside the pit. 

In case of neccessity the nimble creature would been their ferry man.”


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