– 33 –

Fallin asleep, i knew how much you was suffuring for that creature that you had taken away with you, and how much you he remember HIM in the latest time you have seen him alive. 
Even i had in mind  that strange figure who came closer to us, with his arms always direct toward the sky and his guttural voice, then that one shoot, and HIM who slowly was falling on the ground with those big eyes that were staring at us, and you have ran toward him, and what you have felt when you have collected and without say a word, together we have brought HIM in the apartment, and there he have left us. 

It wasn’t the same pain, but what you was feeling in those instants, could approach much.
I had tried to convince Margaret and Jabe to descend that mountain, but my second time have been more useless than the first one. 
In that camping tent, i was feeling all the void was surrounding you, and  in what you had tell me, i could feel your need to have me next to you. I have surrender myself, and i have threw all the away the air from the lungs, and definitely closing the eyes, i have whispered: “You resist still for a while.”
When i fallen asleep i have could perceive that you have called me once again.

You had decided to bury the nimble creature in that solitary alley, and so with a spade, obtained with a long branch, you have start to dig. You wanted given him a worthy buried, thinking that that creature was died in one of the most dangerous operation in which you had made part.
While you was digging, you was even think to every other creatures who have died in those fights, and those thoughts were running fast in your mind, and only when you have taken the creature among your arms to lay him down in that pit, and while you was saying the latest thank, you remained breathless.
The soft yellow light, that you have began to recognize, have taken the body from your arms, and it have enveloped by that light, and delicately it have leaning it, inside that pit. 

You was looking at that magic with the heart that was about to explode, and only when you have been capable to cover that pit, you have realized that that light was still visible, and only when you have cleaned your eyes from the tears that were falling from your face, you have comprehend that the nimble creature, have would rapresented  all those creatures who had lost their lives for conquered their freedom, and that point would have been a crucial point for who would have wanted know that story.

And only when you have lifted the face up to the sky, you have seen the same yellow light spreading in the city stronger, and some beams of the light were lifting from the that pit to reach the sky.
It was became a sharing of flows incredible.
Only when everybody have been attracted by those lights, slowly, they have reached that point, and have looked at around, and in silence have looked at you. 

But only when Roger have arrived, you have explained what have happened, but you had not ended, that one of the most beautiful voice you have ever heard, have started to tell something.
Everybody remained speechless, because for the very first time, they were listening to the voice of the Golden Griffin, and what he was telling was his story.
But what have impressed everybody have been when, he have underlined your gesture, when you have decided to buried that creature, underlining the fact that that creature, as many others, have lost his life, fighting in something in which he was believing strongly, and now everybody had to taken example from that creature, from his courage.

And only when everybody, one by one, have given a small homage to the nimble creature, touching that raised topsoil, the soft yellow light, have enveloped everybody, and immediately, they have understand that part of the Golden Griffin protection was entering in their strange and different size and measure bodies.
And only when everybody have realized of that, Roger have looked at you, smiling, shakes his enormous head in sign di ammiration and respect.”


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