My heart is beating unreguraly, and i know the reason. 
Something inexplicable from the universe want say us  that we are linked from that evening of five years ago and now it is become stronger than before. 

Our hearts are beating so strong  and the only thing that we can do is try to don’t think our emotions, but it’s a impossible thing. 
Now each time i will see the sunrise i will think more to you, and you will do the same whispering my name, and i will hear you. 

In the silence of the morning your voice will come faster to me and our souls will touch  not once, but twice.
What i’m feeling in these latest days is something bigger than what i was feeling in the past. 

Something inside me is telling that even you are feel these feelings, our hearts will exploding together.

We feeling something that is tightening us always more, and despite we are so distant, when we are feeling these strong emotions around us, our closeness is at maximum, and we can feel our hearts going crazy, because we are so close. 
Our souls are delicately touching, and dancing inside that twirl of emotions that we are feeling.
Our soft punch in the stomach is growing always more, and then it’s so strong we know that our closeness is stronger than before.

I close the eyes and inside me i can feel your heart beating fast, and it’s one of the most beautiful sensation i have ever felt in my life. And it’s you that make me feel it.
It’s Our Parallel World that make us feel so close each other.
We are inside of his magic.
You and me.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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