– 24 –

Before to close definitely those communication channel Jabe have thrown a glance toward me, and after he have staring then he have looked at that red botton. I came closer to the desk and very slow i took the microphone that Jabe was stretching to me. 
I  held the breathe for then thrown it away, and through that tiny gesture, i have could hear even your breath making itself stronger, and only after few seconds, your sentence: “Be careful. I love you!”, and then that click have made everybody jolted.

I have stared that dark big screen with a fear that was closing me the throat, but it was time to go for real. 
I was looking at Margaret who made me small gestures, and from far i was hearing her voice that was saying: “They are waiting only us to act. We have to go!” and only at end i have felt one of the  paws of Jabe that were taking my hands.
And finally we came out.

The town seemed another city. The scavengers had cleaned, or they were still cleaning  the streets from the dead creatures who had fighted few hours ago, and they were so taken to clean the corpses, that  they haven’t noticed neither our passage.

The Griffin Mountain was just in front of the town.  It was enough to cross a couple of streets and small alleys and we  would arrived  in the middle of a valley, and from there, the step was short, but we no had put in count those scavengers scattered a bit everywhere. 
Some of them didn’t have noticed us, but instead others, at our passage have looked at us each step we were doing.

They were eating the last piece of flesh of a dead creature, but they didn’t seemed interested where we were going to: they were worried, and ready to attack us, if we had wanted even a small piece of that fresh flesh that they had found first.
Jabe have looked at them and he whispered: “I didn’t have remember that the Golden Griffin death had brought even  this”and he have looked at Margaret pretending as if they didn’t neither exis., and her behaviour have shoked  me, but i have preferred to continue without ask anything. 
The Jabe’ words have made me understand more than a real explication, and the more we were going toward the mountain, the more i wanted reaching the peak and turn on the device with that visual effect and try to move away the villains misleading them.

The scavengers, were the poorest creatures that that city had, but with the Golden Griffin alive, they had always a  safe place to sleep and always something to eat. Now that everything have vanished, they were like hyenas, and that’s why  they were considered scavengers.
Their poorness it had brought them to make what the others didn’t wanted do.
At our passage toward the mountain, one of them have looked at me with such mercy that some tears were rolling on my face. 

Margaret have would wanted drag me away by force from that scene, but she have understand that i had to comprehend better what have happened after the Golden Griffin death, and she have left me stay there a couple of minutes staring those eyes that were telling me everything what those creatures have faced, after the death of the great animal.
Without say anything, those two eyes had said me everything, and in those glance, without know who i was, they asking to oust those creatures who had permit all this.  That creature was asking me it with all her soul. I have could perceived it, and only when Margaret have taken my hand, whispering to go, i have thrown a last glance toward that slim creature dressed with only snatched cloth, and with a soft sigh, i have said: “We try”, and only when we have restarted to walk, that creature had shyly smiled me for the very first time after long time.

Reprised our walk toward that mountain, i have shared a silent glance toward my two friends, who  didn’t have added anything to what i have assisted just seconds earlier: what they have could added? Their silence had a double value, and now the more the mountain  was close, the more my thought went to those creatures, and now i was more decide make the possible that my plan working.

When we were about to reach the foots of the mountain, Margaret have stopped, and have indicated me a part of the mountain, and she have nodded to Jabe. 
The nest of the Golden Griffin wasn’t on the peak of the mountain, but a bit more low at the right side of the mountain itself, and to climb it, we had to take a precise pathway, and without any dobut, Margaret have looked for a while that big green expanse, and after seen it she have indicated to go there, and even in hurry.

We had no all the day, and certainly it wasn’t an outing.”


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