– 23 –

In waiting for that me and Jabe had planned at best the plan, Roger with you and the other creatures, had found a safe place behind a great blue curtain of a kind of velvet, very good to not being notice, and enough next to the door where behind of it there were the two creatures  leaders of the villains. 
Roger had noticed it immediately entered in that long aisle, and he had made it checked by the nimble creatures who in a blink got back and they given the OK.

When the sunrise have made his first appareance, Roger have ordered everybody to go behind of it, and there they have would wait for the hours would be passed.
By now in street there was no nothing to do more, and waiting it was the only and safe thing to do.

You was looking at Roger upheaveled, and Roger was looking at you hoping to have some good news from the plan the we were still studying.
It was a continuos looking at each other. 
At end you have decided to turn on your device to listen to something. 

In the special department, on one of the big screens have turned on a red light and a kind of small  of red alarm on the wall have began to turn in silent way. Jabe had actived all the all alarm system for being immediately ready.
“It’s Luke” he said and he have looked at me. From his device we could only hear his heart beating, and only after of couple seconds  in which we could hear your breathe, i have throw away all the air from the lungs, and i have thrown backward on backrest of that chair, and i sweetly smiled to Margaret. 

Turning on the device, Roger and Margaret have could speak freely, and Margaret have could updated Roger on the progress of the plan that me and Jabe were working on, but now it was only a work for Jabe, and that creature with many thin paws and others small appendixes, was writing on three keyboard simultaneously, and the resultat that we were seeing it was strabiliant. 
Margaret remained speechless, and the only thing that she have could say have been: “Roger you have to see it”.

We didn’t know what was doing but what we seeing it was maybe the most beautiful thing we had seen, and only taken breathe again, i have been capable to whisper: “Luke it’s wonderful!”.
Certainly Margaret was overwhelmed more than me. Jabe haven’t realized of what he was doing as much focused on those keyboard he was, but little by little what the monitor making see, he realizing that he was very close to what i had in mind since the begin, and from how Margaret was looking that screen, seemed that she was looking at real to the rebirth of the Golden Griffin, and only when Jabe have stopped to write on those three keyboard and have pushed the botton Enter on the main keyboard, the visual effect  have restarted, and so even the maker have could see the final result, and only when have ended, he have been the only to sigh with tremble voice: “Boss, we are ready!” 
He didn’t make it see, but even him was uphevealed for what he had created, and in a sigh, he said: “It was so that i remember it”. 

Only few seconds later, another whisper have resounded in the special department. This time was Roger who have waken everybody from the wonder state we were, and he said: “Good job Jabe, but now  you have to run up to the mountain. Now that is all calm in town, nobody will notice you, but be careful anyway”. 
And only when he ended, we have looked at as refer point Margaret. Even Jabe have looked deeply her, and only after a bit of confusion, Margaret seemed take control of the situation. 

She went toward a  big and long cupboard and she have opened it and from there, she have take a bag. She have opened it and she have took a small sheet of paper, and she have read it quickly, then she went to the desk and have looked at Jabe and immediately he made see her the USB pendrive and he smile, and he given it to her.
Jabe have taken only a small device from the desk and he have put it inside a small shoulder bag.

I have looked at that scene with wide eyes open. Seemed that they had done many, many and many times, but when i have met the Margaret glance, she have given back that gaze with the usual sweetness and with surprise, she have said: “I don’t know how many times Roger have got preprared us for this, and this time is the very first time” and have shared a quick smile with Jabe, who have rolled up his tiny eyes, and the effect have been very strange to see.
Then Margaret have came to me and said: “Dear, it’s time, now we do it for real”, and she have take my hand, and we have came out, leaving so the special department.”


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