– 22 –

Roger knew, he would waited for all the day inside the City Hall till me Jabe and Margaret would have planned at better my plan. 
What i had drafted to Roger it was a plan very rough, and it hadn’t neither a begin and an end, but only a good middle.
But with  a bit of  fantasy, we together, we have would could put up a good plan. 

My main idea came from the myth of Phoenix and her ashes:  in short the Golden Griffin wasn’t wounded to death, but only seriously wounded, and from the stories that i had heard by Roger and some other by Jabe, the creature have been left to die alone. 
And when Margaret had added the last part, maybe the most hard to sent down. i have looked at everybody breathless. None of the inhabitants have climbed up to the peak of the mountain to check the status of the Griffin. 
But each of them, included Roger and Margaret was assisting to the slow death of the creature thank the light the the animal was spreading, and that light was become always more weak, till a day the peak of the mountain have become black, and that one yellowish light have vanish, and nobody have choose to climb that mountain. 

For what we knew the Golden Griffin was still there covered by her yellow feathers, and from what Jabe had said us, through one of his drones, the Golden Griffin seemed fallen asleep, but that yellow feather that Margaret had, it was the only witness that in that great body there was no more life. 
Only when Roger have climbed the mountain to put a fence around the animal, he have could verified that there was nothing to do, but he have prefered put some monitors at guard. 

While me and Jabe were working on that project, that little by little was taking form, Margaret was continuing to tell me what was happened after his death. She have repeated what Roger had tell us, when we were still in their apartment. Apart from him nobody have climbed the mountain, and the recordings were the witness, and only when the Golden Griffin light have turned off those fights have started.

“There have been a couple of days of  a disturbing calm: there was nothing that moving. The air was firm, but at the same time it move something inside us that we didn’t think to have, and when only a soft breeze have started move the air, we have started  hear the first clashes and it have been so, from that evening.
At begining neither Roger have understand what they were. But took a short time to comprehend that there was a revolution in progress, and when we have understand that it was a real danger, the patrol of the city have reunited the most bravest creatures and they have sent them fight against those creatures that had started set on fire this town.

Margaret seemed hypnotized and she was continue to tell, and despite it was a sad story, seemed it given us the right push to continue to design my plan that very slow was becoming an our plan: the plane of mine and Jabe.
I wanted that everything  was a rebirth of the Golden Griffin, and that light that Jabe, with all his skill, was been capable to recreate at computer, having only as example that yellow feather that Margaret had entrust him, it was a good start, and what Roger have asked us to do, maybe it was the begin of end of that empire of fear that was surrounding that town  from the day in which the Golden Griffin have been killed and from which everything have begin.

We had to mislead with that light that Jabe was perfectioning, and little by little make bright the peak of that mountain,  to such an extent that make believe them that the Golden Griffin was healed from the wounds, and that little by litle was still capable to spread that light that for the inhabitants, was sign of protection, and make believe to those beings, that in those days of real chaos, the great animal was healing.

We knew, above all me, that everything was a crazyness, and that we could even failing, but we had to try, and climb the mountain now it was  the next thing that we had to do, and as soon possible.”


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