– 7 –

We had left that building with some thoughts in minds, but that Roger have assured us that in those hours of the day, we have could only meet some of the creatures more bravest and some of  of them were collaborators of his special department who was making patrol.

When we came out from the building the beams of that white sun, have blinded us, and only when we got used to the light, we have could only seen few creatures who was saluting in silence Roger, and he give back the salute nodding only.
What it have impressed us it was the total silence rather the total chaos  of our arrive. 
In the air we have could still feel the smoky smell around the town

“Sometime this silence scare than that the chaos in the evening” have underlined Roger looking at me, and i have beckoned delicately. Roger had read my thought and he had catched my feelings in those instants while i tightened your hand stronger.
Fortunately that his office was only meters far from the building from where we have came out.
I was looking at myself around, and despite, as Roger had said, that town was safer in the day than the evening, i was not make me feel secure in those street. 

That silence was amplifying even the smallest sound, and my heart was about to expolde, even if i was secure in the middle at  Roger and you.
Even if when we were arrived, we ended in the middle of the smaller fight, each thing i seeing, it got back me to that night, and that smoky smell  didn’t have help to forget it, on the contrary.
I have shared a glance with you, and after only a couple of seconds, Roger have replied once again.
“When you have been in a special department like mine, for many years, these things seem the normality, and at end you get use to it”. 

Now Roger could used his skill  in freely and, maybe it was better even for us. We knew that his skill, could be of help in case of danger, and we have left him do without any effort.
We could talk aloud, but if the reply had to be fast, he could anticipate us, reading our minds.

After a short walk, only after exceeded two buildings on the same sidewalk, Roger have stopped himself and he made us enter in that building that seemed in decay, and once again have explained: “I have asked to the City Hall  don’t put it down, and exposing my ideas, they have left everything like this.
We have seen many times enviroment like that in many movies, but we had not ever figured that some tools could exist for real. 

Roger had taken a big room, almost an open space, below the sidewalk, and so the few light that entereing was only that one that entering throught a long retangular window along a long piece of the sidewalk itself, and what have impressed us much it was a long and large desktop with four monitors and two or even three keyboards in front, and one creature to manage all that with a impressive quickness, and without stick off the eyes from those monitors, he have said: “Hello Boss!” and he have waited for that Roger came closer to him to check everything. 

That creature seemed real smaller than Roger but when Roger have invited us to came closer, we have seen that he was tall a bit more than us, and only when Roger have said: “Jabe i want present you…” Jabe himself have jumped off from the only chair, he have made the military salute, without even know who had in front. 
And Roger have rolled his big brownish eyes toward up, and from that gesture we had understand that Jabe have been addestrate so before he was recruited by Roger, but now it was only an habit.

We had no need to know that Jabe was a informatic techinician and that in his free time he was enjoy to intrude himself in other devices. In one only word, he was a hacker, but now it was what Roger had need. One like Jabe, who with his skill could spy both of the band in fight for the justice of the Golden Griffin, or leading the city.
Jabe in that instant was attempting to enter inside  one of the main computer of the band who wanted lead the city, but even for the Jabe skill was a labyrinth.
He have been capable to extrapolate some comand line, but only with them, he could not do anything. 

In the moment in which we entered, he was attempting to open a door to listen what they were talking about, but each time he seemed clash into a wall, and when we arrived, he seemed give up himself, but now that he was infront to an audience, he had wanted demostrate us his real skill, and he got back in front at the keyboard, and he started again to tap fast those small bottons.”


Listen to it⇓⇓

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