– 6 –

Of that sheet of papers you had not know about, not even you when you had talked with Roger when i was sleeping and when Margaret have pulled it out from that drawer, you have looked at it interested. 
Margaret had given it to me, but only after few seconds that i had it in hand and i had not still read, you have delicately, have slide it from my hand, and you have started to read it in silence, and only when you have ended it, you have comprehend what Roger was trying to explain me, staring me straight into the eyes. 

Only when Roger have looked at you for a while, you have sighed my name, and when i have met that one of Margaret, i have comprehended that it was a thing bigger than i have could imagine, and what we had thought in that small room, was far away of what we had faced up to with the Rob death.
You have looked at me, and with a thread of voice, you have said: “It’s a manifesto signed by the two leaders of the bands.” You have left those words suspended in the air, while in my glance was drawing itself what i would like not have ever try in my life: the real dread.

We knew what was a manifesto, but what we had not know, that in those dimensions a manifesto had meaning well rooted: a solid conviction of what it was making itself.
It was an only sheet of paper, and in that one there were few lines, in which the leaders of those bands had underling that, they have would their own best to destroy the other one, and who would have won, it would have to take undercontrol the city, but till that moment everybody members of  both band, have would wearing black clothes, and with only small with a distinguishable signs on, that only the leaders would have could recognize.
And would have won, who would have be killed many more creatures of the other gang, and would had have the right  to take control the others , and therefore the whole city.

Only when you have ended to read that manifesto, we have looked at Roger, and only when have looked at even Margaret we have understand the very seriouness of that matter, and only when someone have made slide that sheet of paper under that door, Roger have decide to reopen his special department. 
He wanted less deaths possible, but it seemd that the more he was doing, the more seemed him that it was useless.
Lost in tought, he have looked at us, and all of a sudden he said: “Who have killed the Golden Griffin have to pay, it have to go in jail, but i don’t want permit all this”, and he indicated that sheet of paper.

After have left a moment in suspended, you have said: “Bring us in your office. Let’s see what we can do.” and you have thrown a glance toward me, who have thanked everybody for the good breakfast, and sweetly i have smiled to Margaret and she have caressed my face, and so i got up and i went in bedroom to change myself. 
Margaret have followed me with the tray, and in that narrow and dark aisle, she have adviced me to wear something inside the cupboard outside the small room.

I thanked her once again, and with wonder i have opened that small cupboard and inside i have found an only pair of jeans and a simple white cotton shirt.
Maybe i hadn’t to be surprised, but instead it what i was. Shaking the head, thinking to HIM, i entered in the room and a got refeshen myself, and then i dressed. 
Came out i have found Margaret who seemed was awaiting for me to check the measure of the clothes, and sweetly she said: “Perfect!” and she have adjusted me a bit the shirt, then she made the wink and we have shared a smile.

I have followed her from behind and when she have entered in that small salon, she have coughed to underline my entrance, and Roger who have been the first to see me, have stand up wondered, who was looking at and then immediately you have turned, and our glance met as the very first time in that smoky bar.
In your face was printed only one question, and when you came closer to me, you have delicately touched the white shirt, have waited my answer that has limited itself in only word: “HIM”.

And only when Roger have got back us in the reality, that moment, those seconds in which we existed only us, have vanished, and we have looked at both, and when Roger have opened the door, we everybody have looked at Margaret, who have reccomend herself above all to Roger, and so we came out, looking at the door that slowly it was closing itself behind us.”


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