It’s a magic

When delicately i perceive your closeness around my being, and sweetly i close the eyes and i feel your arms arond my belly and all of a sudden everything become a world where we exist only us.
Our Parallel World magically is wrapping us, despite our real distance, but it’s enough a long breath and everything it’s closer than we can imagine.

We close the eyes and everything become that small world that we have start to build five years in that night when our connection has begin to cross our minds and we have remained upheavel each other.
I still remember as if it was yesterday. It have been a magical night. 
Those electric shocks that have crossed my minds and immediately after you… 

I will never forget the great sensations were followed, and now they are surrounding us always stronger.
And day by day have build Our Parallel World.
That World in which every our emotions merging each other and each time they caress our souls at same moment, we feel each other always closer.

It’s everything so magical what we have buildt from that evening of five years ago. 
They are five years that i’m feel so good, alive. 
At first time i was so confused, but more i went on, the more i have realized that something magical was being born among us, and there is still, and it don’t want stop itself.

Small signs from universe, make us understand that it wants us united. 
It’s so magically wonderful. I throw away the air from the lungs, for don’t crazy. 
You and me together.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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