– 8 –

When Roger have invited us to came closer to the large desktop all our interest was for that creature intent to unblock some doors in the computer of that band that was decided to lead the city.

The only very interested of what he was doing was Roger, who was looking at in those black screen those written that were running fast, while Jabe with a such speedy, was checking what they meaning. But it seemed that what he was looking for there was no still.

We were staring at Jabe closer and what we were seeing, it was a thin creature with four paws with as many smaller paws at the extremity, and what we thought it were only two big eyes, they were others smaller eyes that they moving themselves independently from the others, and looking at very carefully it was very multitasking.
Each couple eyes was checking each line command on those monitors, and only examined him well we have undestand Roger why he have kept him well tight, despite that one his habit that he was attempting delete. 

For that special department, Jabe was maybe the most important resource that it had, and from the way Roger was looking at Jabe fast works on those keyboards, he placed all his trust, and he knew that he would made it at end.
We knew that that moment was one of the most crucial, and we have  left them working together. 
Not like Jabe, but even Roger had some skills in hacking and he could help Jabe in those fast reading of those command lines, and they both were looking for one line in particular, and  from what they saying, they were very close.

We have given them all the time, but we have not waste time: at the right of the long and large desktop, there was a white wall where on it there was a well detailed map of the city with marked  all the possible hidden place of the both band and only two alleys were marked as those more likely.

What have impressed us much that on that great white wall there was the same framework of the Golden Griffin that we had seen in Roger house but that one was bigger, and what we were noticing, it were all those notes attached on the wall in which someone, most likely Roger, had wrote all his thoughts, and reading them they were following a logical thread, and all those thoughts were pointing the finger toward the band that wanted lead the city, as the real killers of the Golden Griffin.

And only when read all those notes we have looked at Roger, who was still in front of those monitors, but we have had to only waited for  few seconds and, without turn himself, he have reply.
“Only few inhabitants were in disagree with what The Golden Griffin was doing with his magic. Some of them believed that under his beautiful aspect, it was hidden something obscure and wild.” 
We have shared a glance and whispering you have said: “The usual  conspiracy theorists”.
“Exactly! That’s why i pointing them as likely killers of that wonderful creature”. 

But we knew that with the few elements they had, it was impossible distinguish one from another and it was a decision taken by both.
The manifesto signed by those two band, and their decision to be not recognizable, was a real act of force, only who would have resisted more to those fights, and who would loose less fighters, it would have won.
But in both cases, Roger would have done the possible that another massacre it would be not accomplished in those next twentyfour hours. 

Jabe was still working on those command lines and very slow, he was finding the missing code for enter in that damned computer.
While he was tapping on those bottons, he was murmuring, and it seemed that it was  a final act of another fight, between that creature with his many  paws that were tapping always faster, and those command lines, while his glance seemed went crazy and now Roger couldn’t do anything else just looking at that him, waiting for that scream that he had heard several times.

He have called us and he have invited us to sit down, because he knew well Jabe, and when Jabe was in that state, almost in trance, they were about to reached the wanted result.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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