– Interlude 50 –

We were directed ourselves toward the pub of Rick. We were following Mark and Rose from behind, while they were speaking of how much they have scared themselves, and above all Mark didn’t was been able to translate the sounds of Sally, and now that they had understood that it wasn’t anything dangerous, they were calmer. 

But in reality of that buzz we hadn’t listen to anything, just the great roaring of Mark who ocassionally have interrupetd the quick talk of Rose, who seemed be calm herself. Her talk didn’t wanted stop itself, but we had comprehended that it was only a way to relieve nervousness, and we have left her do. 
We have walking slower than the two creatures, who now in street,  wanted reach the group as soon possible, and we have tightening our hands, while ocassionally i was opening the other one to check the tiny crystal, and like us it was breathing always faster.

In someways, it was reflecting our emotions, and we could see his breath increasing.
We entered in a sort of bubble where we have isolated us, and in there we have looking for the way to explain all that matter to our friends, once reacheed the piazza.
We had crossed all the alley, and when we have started to walk the long sidewalk, for a second we have looked at each other, then we have thrown a quick glance to the crystal, and then we have looked at Rose who was calling us.

Maybe, since when we have arrived in that dimension, those instants have been the harder, in which  we have would wanted be alone, but what had wrapped the city it had to be explained.
When we have seen the piazza already full of those creatures, we have stopped ourselves, while we have seeing Rose reaching his Malty embracing him tight, as f she wanted excuse herself of something, and maybe only when Mark have turned himself toward us, had understand our mood, asking us: “How are you?”, looking at ahead.

He seemed have understand our feelings from our silence, and only his latest words were been of great relief.
“You has giving to all these creatures a new chance to live a better life, only thanx  your love” and he have looked at Rose who was still embracing Maltese, and she was explaining him that she had felt the same sensation, but she wanted wait for us, to hear direct by our voices everything, and she was looking at toward our part, incouraging us to reach the group. 

Eventually we have take a look to the crystal, and only afyer we have stared it, Mark have added: “And this is one of one of the most beautiful thing i have ever seen… Everybody have to know what you are able create, only loving you.” With those words Mark had made center, and throwing us a glance, i have tightened your hand, and we had started to look at ahead and very slow we have restarted our walk.

As the previous evening Rick had placed some chairs outside the pub, next to bench, and when we arived, a general murmuring have surrounding us.
The small Sally have reiunited herself with Mark, and her sweetness toward that enormous creature, have filled our hearts, and only looking at them, we have started to talk.
I had still the crystal inside the hand, and i have could  hear it pulsing itself always less, and like us, now it was ready  to be revealed. 

When i have opened the hand, you was about to  start to talk, but the crystal have realesed a soft white light have wrapped everybody, and even them have started to feel the sensation that the small Sally was trying explain but without any results. 
The fear that had enveloped all those creatures, all of a sudden vanish, and a sense of  tranquillity seemed enter in each of those creatures, and the small Sally seemd have found something profound inside her tiny body and now she was looking for the  safe arms of Mark. 

You have had to say only few assuring words, and only you have described our emotion to see those tears became that crystal, and from the crystal itself, it have spreaded little sparkles and they have placed on each of the creatures, and when they have placed themselves on the tiny Sally who was asking Mark to craddle her, for  the very first time, everybody have heard her sweet voice.”



Listen to it⇓⇓


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