– Interlude 51 –

We everybody remained astonished, included Sally herself who have heard her sound in a strange way and at end she have looked at Mark who have looked at her whispering her: “Now everybody can understand you”, and he have gave her a litte push toward the group of creatures still incredulous.
She have looked at us and we have shared a shy smile with that small white fur creature.

Her voice seemed the most beautuful sound that that group had ever heard, and when she have came in the middle of us saying: “They have something incredible. They have created this, just spreaded their love, and thanks this i’m able to speak to you”, she said those latest words looking at Mark, thinking that his translation work was over, and she came to him embracing him strong.

We have looked one by one those creatures, seeing in their faces all the calmness of that world, and only at end we got back to look at each other,  and in that glance we have could feel still that feeling that was flowing in our bodies when we were in bedroom. 
Unconsciously you hae tightened my hand, and in a thread of voice you have sighed: “I love you”. 
I have looked at your hand then you, and i have caressed your face i whispered: “Since i have met you, my life have changed…” and those words have take the flight, making bright more the two stars. 

We haven’t realized that in that moment all the creatures’ eyes were set on us, and only when we have looked at in front of us, that suspended atmosphere faded, and looking at everybody, i blushed. Only the little Sally have came to me, and she have wanted being taken in arms, and she smiled us, collecting the approvation of everybody.

For a bit we everybody remained to stare the crystal, seeing the light game inside of it. 
We have could distinguish each nuance, and what we were feeling it was reflecting in our glance, and it seemed that those creatures have looking at that, and very delicately what we were feeling, it was transfering in them.

Some creatures didn’t know what was happening and they have looked at the others a bit confused, but when they have met the Sally gaze, she have said: “It’s all normal” and she have smiled even to Fabian, who was touching himself from the head to the long legs, and then he have looked at us. 
“What  we feeling it’s a beautiful thing” have said Fabian meeting the agreed of  the other creatures.

But when all of a sudden everybody have stared that crystal at the same instant, that soft light from the crystal itself, have become a beam that have reached to the sky and back. 
We didn’t know was going on, but  surely it was spreading in the town.
It was just a game of light, and that sense of calmness it was a thing that assuring everybody, but when we have looked at Rick, we had understood immediately that something was about to happen, and that something it was concerning HIM.

When we have landed in that dimension, he didn’t had explained us everything, but in his deep self, he knew that it would have came that day. He have said us what we wanted to hear in those moment: “rest, find again your intimacy, find again that love that you were about to forget”, and he didn’t have wanted tell us that part that it was accomplishing in those instants. 
He had taken that occasion of  total wonder of everybody to share those glances only with us. 
And even us, knew that that dimension was only another passage for another one, and  some day we have would have  to  said “Goodbye” to everybody, especially to Mark, Maltese Rose and the special Sally.

And only in those instants we had comprehend the meaning of that push that some of our friend had felt in the previous hours it was HIM who was preparing himself to welcome us in our journey toward an unknown destination.”


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