– Interlude 49 –

When everybody have started to stared that tiny crystal, even the incomprehensible sounds of the small Sally, for Rose, all  of sudden, had a reason. 
In my hand, that tiny crystal seemed pulsing more, and maybe it was so. It was feeling my blood flowing in my veins fast, and it was feeling my heart pulsing a bit faster, and now it was going at my rhythm, and we everybody we could see it breathing, and even if we had seen everything this, it was still a thing that it have left us without the breath. 
We, included Mark and Rose, were looking at it as if it was the most beautiful thing we were seeing.

The feline behaviour of Rose have prevailing and she was about to touch it as an each feline creature would have done, but the severe glance of Mark have stopped her, and she have acting as if  nothing have happened, and she have started to lick herself the paw. 
We had understood that, that new element had shaked that ecosystem of that small and calm dimension, and outside of what the few creatures who had immediately felt the changing, the others had thought it could be something dangerous, and right after that quick reasoning through our glances, and after have looked at Mark and Rose, we have decided to go outside and say to the others, that everything they were feeling was only something new that it was adding itself to that wonderful dimension, and there was no anything of dangerous. 

We had thanked the two creatures to have warned us and we have said them to wait for us: it would been more tranquilizing if  the strange couple it would be come back with the main interested. Us. 
We went up to put us up something appropriate more than our soft dresses. 
We had left the tiny crystal on the table in front of the sofa, with Rose and Mark on it.
We knew, that they have wouldn’t touch it, and if Rose had tried to, there would been Mark to stop her.

When we went up, you have taken my among your arms as always, and when we arrived in bedroom, you have made me slide on your body, and sweetly i placed my hands on your chest covered by only that satin shirt that, very slow, i have made you slide over your shoulders, and we remained so, looking at straight into our eyes for an endless second.
I have soft touch one of the flap of that satin shirt, and i held it throght my fingers, and in that fragment of seconds i have felt your hand caressing my inner thigh, and all of sudden i have perceied your finger that was moving away the panties and penetrating inside me, and with quick movement you have made me enjoy.

I was about to moan, but i have leaned my mouth on your shoulder and i have made die those little moans in your skin.
You have continued always faster, till you have felt i got wet more, and i lifted the glance toward you just a couple of second before of that unexpected orgasm, and into your blue eyes i have seen something wonderfully beautiful, while you have enjoyed yourself  in feeling those flow of emotions that were running throught your finger still inside me. 

And only when you have felt my contractions were fade, very delicately you have pulled it out, and  with your glance into mine, you have said: “I had still need  to feel you so.” then  you have sweetly kissed me touching  still my thighs. 
I was looking at you still surprised, and now for sure my desire to go out was null , but downstair we had  still two guests who were waiting for us, and looking at each other in silence, we have threw away all the air from the lungs, we both knew that were still making love and we have could feel it. 
I have made you fall that shirt and you have choose for me what i had should wear. Comfy clothes, and i did the same for you.

Those moments of real intimacy have been very intense. They had dilated our time percepetion, we had thought to have in late. On the contrary when we went downstair, Mark, the first one who have got up from the sofa, have underlined our speedy, and he have looked at Rose, who was still hypnotized by that crystal, attempting to touch it.
We have shyly smiled each other, then i went to take the crystal, and only taken in hand, i have noticed that seemed it was taking breath again. I have looked at you, making you understand what i have seen, and together we have blushed.

Rose have looked at Mark first then us, and she have asked: “What’s up?” 
We have looked at her and with some embaressement we have tried to appear normal, but the only one who had understood have been Mark who have pushed her toward the door, and with the excuse to go to explain everything to the others, he have made us a wink.
Looking at him we have throw away all the air from the lungs, then we have staring the tiny crystal in my hand. 

It was breathing with us unison.”



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