Here you are

Your sweet embrace behind me, and your sweet whispers that  are saying that our connection is about to start within few minutes
I see the clock and it’s true…. i hold back the breathe, and everything is around us become so light. 
Our minds get connect each other, and i feel you closeness stronger and closer than ever.
You are tightening me strong against your chest, and we both are throwing away the air from the lungs.

I’m starting to shake like a leaf, and you can perceive it, and i close the eyes. Everything is taking us inside Our Parallel World.

You are looking at me in that way and i can only dive myself in those blue oceans. 
You approach me toward you and you turn me. I throw away once again the air i have in body. 
You lift my face, and delicately you say my name.
My heart is began to beat like a crazy jackhammer. 
Our glances met, and your forehead touch mine, and sweetly you taking my hand. 
You place it on your chest, and gently you say: “It’s beat like your”.

Our connection is making itself stronger, and despite our distance everything is always closer.
I can’t swallow. I feel your hands around my belly tightening me stronger.
You start moving me in our slow dance, and everything become so hypnotic.
I see you straight in those blue eyes, and sweetly i touch your tiny mole, and everything become how we always wished.
Onlyy us, our feelings, Our Parallel World, and everything we want is only stay alone, you and me, in that magic bubble that we had buildt in these five years, of the most beautiful enchament we are able been to accomplish despite all.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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