– Interlude 6 –

You have perceived my agitation in my sleep. That reading i had done the evening my small room it had  made open in front of me a street that i was still going through with you in those hours.

Delicately you have placed you hand on my chest, and you have could hear my heart going crazy, and only with small gentle phrases it was getting calm, and my breathe was getting slow, and sweetly you have taken my hand and you have placed it again on your chest, and only after few seconds, all that agitation gone.
So you have decided to try sleep till i waken, but it seemed impossible.

You have settled yourself better next to me, and you have sweetly embraced  me, whispering still those gentle words that seemed a lullaby.
Returning in the apartment, many others remembers got back in mind, and one of these have been  that one of the ring. 

Checking my right hand, you have noticed that i didn’t have it no longer, but for sure i didn’t have lost it. 
In that ring there was all  love you was feeling for me. You was remember perfectly how you have gave it to  me, and what you have said. You was looking at me, and your heart seemed splash out from your chest. 
Now, the agited one was you. 

Your glance was set on me, and what you was thinking was the most light and beautiful thought. 
“Maybe that ring isn’t necessary. Everything we had passed is stronger than a stupid ring.” and you have continued to looked at me.
Despite i was sleeping, i have could heard to you, and as soon you have ended, i have whispered: “I always brought it with me. I have always remember what you have said me that morning, and each time i look at it, those words filling my heart.” and so i gave you  one of the most sweet good morning you have could receive.

For a long moment in silence, we have looked at each other, and from a small box attached to a thin chain that i had always had on, it the ring have come out. 
Looking at it, i pulled it out, and softly i gave it to you once again. 
With the heart in throat, we both have looked at each other, and after only few seconds, you have took my right hand, and you have slid it on my ring finger, and when our glances met, what you have said have thrilled me once again. 
“There all my feelings i have for you”.  Then after a pause, everything has started to turn very slow. 

It seemed that that phrase had to came out to  strengthen our love, and you have said it in the sweetest way possible, that that i have lacked breathe, then you have smiled sweetly and i, almost flushed, and our heart have started to beat strong, and  almost there was no need to speak.
You have take my hand and have looked at the ring in silence, then our glances met again, and that time have been me to whisper: “Let’s remain so”, and you have nodded. 

Only one thing, you have wanted do. 
You have sweetly you have placed me on your legs, face to face. 
We have looked at each other, while our hands touched our bodies. Your hands tightened my both hips, while mine, softly have touch your chest, ocassionally touching your satin shirt, making slide my hands inside of it.
When i have delicately placed my left hand on your chest the ring seemed have take life. 
The amethyst have turned on from inside, and  it seemed beating unison with your heart.

For what we had seen we had to be breathless, instead we weren’t. 
We have looked at each other only, and with the sweetest tone of voice you said: “This is my heart that is beating only for you”, and when you have ended the light of the amethyst have started to pulsing a bit quick.
Delicately i placed my hand on your chest, and your heart was beating, even him a bit faster.

I remained  breathless. I had to throw away the air from the lungs, while our glances didn’t stick off each other,   while a small tear fallen from my face. 
Delicately you have dry it, while i  was reaching your tiny mole, when a soft light have wrapped us, and everything around have became the most place enchanted in which we have been. .”



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