– Interlude 7 –

I was still looking at the ring astonished, for how much beautiful it was, and for how much it was making me feel being part of you, and i was looking at you more speechless, as much your words were healing my little wounds i had procurated myself during all those journeys in all those differents dimensions. 
And you was looking at me, almost conscious, of what you had done, sliding once again the ring on my ring finger.
Everything seemed more magical than we had could imagine.

“Never take it off” you have said taking my hand taking it on your chest. 
I was breathless, and i wasn’t able to speak. I could feel my body get better each minutes passing, and my heart was beating so strong. 
I have throw away the air from my body, and your perfume have entered in my lungs. For amoment i have close the eyes, and  i have perceived that another little magic was accomplishing.

With your ring, our souls were founding again their own balance, and they were reuniting once again, and the light that it was issuing inside and outside me, was  the love that we were feeling.
We have shyly smiled, didn’t understanding what was happening, but those your words, as soon  you have slided me the ring, it have projected us in what it would have happened in the next hours or in the next days.
But for now, we knew that we have would to pass much time together, above all alone.

Your perfume, was still in the air, and we didn’t wanted stick off our eyes one from another. 
Above all in the latest dimension, we had given much of ourselves, that we hadn’t have, not even a minute for give us a sweet kiss, and now, even the most simple glance, it was making ourselves almost look like two guys at their very first appointement, and we have could perceive even the smallest emotions that was changing, at each heartbeat, and even if we didn’t have talk, what we were feeling, it was exploding around, above all, inside our souls, and we were able to see it throught our eyes.

Despite we were together from long time, it seemed that in those hours, we were knowing each other for the second time, but this time, maybe in the deepest way.
It was enough looking at straight into our eyes, and in the eyes of who we had in front, we could see another universe, that slowly it was clashing with another one, and and delicately these two were merging each other, forming another one, only ours made by our emotions, while our hearts were going crazy.  

Since when we got back in the apartment we didn’t have eat anything, and  it semeed we didn’t have need of it.
Seemed got back in time, when the only thing feed us, were our glances, our sweet touches, and what it was filling our hearts, was that special heat that spreaded inside us, and it was what we had need in those moments. 

We haven’t say anything, but we listened to our feelings had to say to us. 
We had to regain that connection that in those lastet dimensions we were losing, and only looking at each other, delicately we have started feel those gentle eletric shocks that were characterize that special bond that we  were feel since the very first days of this incredible magical love story.

We both have throw away all the air from the lungs and then you have said: “Do you feel it?” and with a small beckon of the head i said: “Yes”, without ever stick off my glance to your. 
Everything was go really slow, and inside of this slowness we were taking again our rythm, even if  our hearts were running like two crazy, and we weren’t able to stop them.

We were looking at each other, as never we done before, and maybe in those seconds, we both, have opened the most hidden part of ourselves, that we didn’t knew even, and like a primordial need we have take our hands and we have tightened them, leaning them on the bed sheet, and for a long instant we have looked at each other, then you have approached me to you, and i made slide your satin shirt on your shoulders, and without say anything we kissed passionately, while the small electric shocks have crossing our minds quickly.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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