“Looking at that” – ∟3∟

That very strange creature, seemed that all of sudden, in all that small quarter, there were we only us, and only very far we have could hear those many paws step over the concrete, while the traffic lights were continuing turning on and turning off automatically. 

We were remained for a long minute, not even knowing where exactly we were.
There were no nobody, and like in a bubble everything was like suspended, and us with it.
Already, it was evening and the darkness was wrapping that small piece of neighborhood, and just one street lamp was illuminating the sidewalk where we have would go, and like two ghosts we have reached that street lamp that with its yellowish light was illuminating the shutters closed. 

“You knock three times and it will open” were the words by that centepede, and they were resounding in our mind, when a second earlier, we have looked at each other, and just after one instant after we were waiting for someone would came to open that shutters.

“Who are you?”  a big voice asked us while two eye who were spying us outside throught a small slot, and opening the shutter, you was about to say that we were sent the by One Foot, but  to whom had opened, it seemed didn’t care who had sent us there: he was worried to close that rolling shutter as faster as possible, and two big paws have pulled us inside. 

He locked us in, and at end that creature caught a glimpse of those two who were us, and accompanied us through a staircase, to enter in the room which was further under the sidewalk, and as soon as inside that room it felt more at ease, and with a nod he told us to follow him to the counter, and he offered us a drink, and only when he settled behind the counter did he begin to take a closer look at who was in front of him, while we looked around us, to understand in which what kind of environment we were ended.

The main entrance of that local, was a small door from which we were entered, and it seemed a hidden place and reserved just for few. The main light that was spreaded in was red, with some other green lights scattered a bit everywhere. 
The local was enough big, but it seemed smaller due the many tables and two pool table placed in the centre, and the counter at the end of the local, was well hid thanks to the many white column of concrete placed to substain the whole building above. In opposite to the counter there was a window from where it have could see only a part of the staircase, and we had thought, it was needed to give a semblance of normality.

When the creature have come to open to us, we were the only hosts for that evening. And for how it was going the evening, we would be the only. 
Behind the counter, but very well visible there were three monitors that checking the little space in front the rolling shutter till arrive the traffic light, and in that precise instant, that piazza was totally empty, only the automatic traffic light was change its lights, marking the time that was going slow.

Just when we have had the time to examine everything and after took a glimpse to the great beast, we have threw away the air from the lungs, we have drink what he had gently offered us, but we hadn’t say a word: with discretion  we were looking at  who was behind the counter, and even if we had shared some smiles, we knew that even he was studying us, as we were doing with him.
We knew that we have could appear strange at eyes of that great beast, but he was aware to make the same effect on us, so those nervous smiles were more than legitimate.

When we had seen a shadow crossing those three monitors and right after  have listened to knock three times the rolling shutter, we everybody got relaxed. 
The beast behind the counter, didn’t himself disturb check who was, and the fast noise of something slimy with many paws, it have made us thing to the only creature that we had met one hour before.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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