I feel

Your embrace around my belly, and you are tightening me to you, and everything become how we wish. 

When our connection begins everything around us vanish, and is so velvety.

Our hearts beating unison, and our breathe are the only oxygen of which we need. 

I feel our electric shocks delicately crossing our minds, and what you want say me is piercing my soul, and everything is so light. 

In some moments our connection moving me that i have to think to other things, but it is impossible to don’t think about you, and when i feel your hands are tightening me more to you, i close the eyes and some small delicate electric shock cross my minds, and i know it is you that are tempting to communicate with me: i have to hold back the breath, and your words make me explode the head. 

I look at you and i feel our soft punch in the stomach make it stronger.
Everything turn around Our Parallel World. It’s there that we want to go and stay embraced, even in silence hearing our breathe merging one in another.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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