Here it is

All of a sudden our connection making stronger than usual. 

I feeling your embrace around my belly, and you start to move my body from behind, and delicately you turn me, and when our eyes meet we hold back the breathe, and we remain so in silence, and our connection is sorrounding like a warm embrace. 

Our connection start from our stomach and slowly is taking us inside Our Parallel World, inside our souls, and we can feel our hearts beating unison. 

You are looking at me in silence and your hand is approach to my face, and you start to caressing it. 
I taking it, and i place it on my breast. 
We don’t stick off our glance one from another, and we go crazy if our lips don’t touch each other. 

We look at us so deeply, and  delicately you approach to me, whispering my name, and at end our sweet emotions exploding around us, making us see the most beautiful part of Our Parallel World: our connected souls, despite our real distance.

We look at us smiling, whispering our names like an enchantment.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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