“When Jizzy” – *26*

Knocked to the door of the apartement of Bruno, had still the flashing shield in his small paws, and he was looking at himself around, even if he knew that in that building nobody would have open their own door to see who was passing along that brownish aisle. 

He has waited for just for seconds, and he entered, not even saluted Bruno, who, instead was about to do it.
Jizzy had started to speak in bursts, looking at himself around, as if  he had to find something new.

Bruno let him calm down, for then offer him something to drink, and say to him to sit on the only round table that apartment had.
Jizzy had still in his thin paws that flashing shield, but with carefully leaned it on the couch, and always snappy, he settled on the other else chair that the table had. 
He had still with thousand eyes, but it was his habit, and it was one of the most talented, reason the department had chosed him.
But when Bruno arrived with two beers in his paws, Jizzy seemed got calm himself for real, and he started to make sensed questions to which Bruno seemed ready to reply with all calmness. 

The brownish creature, had pulled out from his police suit, a pair of sheet of papers, and  going toward the table, he gave a warhead to the green lamp over the table, makng swinging it, while he was placing the sheet of papers on the table and he looked at his his small his friend who didn’t see anything. Stopping the lamp, Bruno excused himself, while Jizzy was taking a glimpse for the first time to those documents, who Bruno had copied from those at Pub.
He had left Jizzy alone in his thoughts, while was studying carefully what Bruno had wrote, and he was looking at his small friend, searching for to understand something more from his facial expression that were changing at each lines he was reading.
Bruno knew that he had in front one of the most smart creature that he had ever met, and he hoped that Jizzy could find something more in those documents. 

The two, after drank some sips in silence looking at those piece of paper on the table, they had looked at each other with wide eyes open. 
“That’s incredible! The little Daisy has died for a strenght proof, an initiation of shit, and everything is controlled by the BOSS. I enter no longer there.”
While Jizzy was saying those latest sentence, Bruno have looked at him scared beckoning a “NO” with his big head, and Jizzy  looked at him astonished, but immediately after, he had understood everything.

“This will be our last operation, maybe we will be not longer policemen, but we have to be go in the police, as we have done till now, and you will be the most important pawn in everything. You are the only one who can reply to the BOSS as everybody would want. I said to the humans, that for this fight i would have find in you a big ally. And they are waiting for you at the Jack’ Pub”. 

Bruno, knew well his friend, and he knew, even if, he was looking at him thoughtful, at end Jizzy have would said “Yes! Let’s do it!” Thing that he has said just after looked at the lamp still swinging over that table, drawing stranges shadows.
The big creature was throw away his beer on the garbage bin in his small kitchen next to the entrance door, and he was waiting for Jizzy, who was still sat on that chair next to the window that was facing on the street, and its sounds were resounding  in the aparment. 

For another minutes, Bruno has waited for his friend on the treshold, in silence, then in a sigh he called him, and he seemed wakening himself from a dream, and he nodded. He took his flashing shield, and together have left the apartment. 
They remained in silence, when went down those three pair of stairs, intriguing the other inahbitants of the building, who slowly have opened the door for see why Bruno was came out again in late evening.
He left them with their questions.

Arrived on the sidewalk, the sounds of the street has enveloped them, and Bruno has started to talk about us and of how we had discovered everything, of how we were arrived there, and of how we could help them to come out from this situation, but we had need of any kind of support possible.
Bruno had told Jizzy of how he was feeling after have accepted to spy us behalf the BOSS, above all after what he had discover thanks to those documents that we had found in the creaking house, and while he was telling to his small friend, Jizzy seemed to reflect on what to do.

When they had turned the corner, for a second they stopped and have stared the Jack’s Pub at the end of the long tree boulevard. They were looked at each other, and they have nodded simultaneously.
When  Bruno has opened the main entrance of the Pub, we everybody have looked at him, but immediately, our glances has placed on that tiny creature.
He keeping his flashing shield between his small paws against his chest, and he seemed astonished, as much as beautiful elegant was that local. 
It was the very first time that he entering inside of it.


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