“We everybody” – *27*

Were staring that tiny creature who was keeping  leaned on his chest that flashing shield, that was bigger than creature himself, who was entering more in the Pub astonish.

Bruno who was behind him, was looking at us, as if wanted warned us to let him do, then he was able to pass, and he went close to the group, and he said: “It’s normal. He have to observe everything, listen to the new sounds, making them his, then he unleash himself. In meanwhile we can sit down. He will be with us within few minutes”.

We were listening to Bruno while we were fascinated by that tiny creature, who in meawhile was exploring all the corners of the Pub. He went even behind the overhead door. 

Sanchez was checking him throwing a glance toward the kitchen, and toward Bruno, who had tranquilized him, saying: “He don’t touch nothing, he have to only take a glimpse”.  Sanchez looked the brownish creature with a glance in which it could read: “I trust you, but if  he touch something…”. Jack had attended to that share of glances, and placed a paw on the greasy apron of Sanchez,  and just beckoned.

You and me were looking at  everything without speaking, with an only question in mind, and when Bruno was about to speak, Jizzy got back from his inspection tour, and he placed his flashing shield on another table, and only after sat, he presented, even if we knew already, who he was. 
I have took him immediately in liking to, and i shared my smiled with you, who had tightened my hand. 

We had waited for that he settled in the middle of the table, for asked him that question that we wanted to do him since he entered.
You have looked at me sweetly, and so i threw away all the air from the lungs.
“Is it possible to stop all this?” and i have looked straight into his very little eyes, that seemed two slots. 
He replied with something totally different, but that later we had understood that everything he was saying, was follow a logical thread.

What he had said, shocked everybody, above all Jack who was understanding more, that one inspection tour that he had done, as soon entered, was necessary..
“This is a perfect headquarter, for what we will put up” looking at himself again around pointed above all the kitchen, and only at end, he replied to the only question that we had made him. 
He looked at me, going to take my fingers, as if there were my hands.
“Absolutely! We have to destroy everything, and bring again the tranquility in this city. The little Daisy’ death that has shoked everybody, and after what Bruno has told me, that one creature deserve a worth revenge.”, and saying this all glances were directed toward Jack, who was looking down, but it was understand that he would wanted hurl everything, and go directly to the police to see straight into the eyes the BOSS  and unleash something bigger than him, but he kept his anger inside, scratching with fingernails the part of the table that he had in front.
For a long instant i have looked at him, stretching him my hand, he smiled me sweetly touching me, and i smiled back.

Then with astonishment, Jizzy asked us to let him see the  page that i had snatched from the Grimoire that i had found in the creaking house.
Even Bruno, remained breathless, and in a sigh, he said: “I didn’t believe that you was inside the magic”, but he hadn’t any reply from his small friend, who was studying carefully that page, and at a certain point he asked: “Who made these correction?” and almost afraid, i have replied, and i sighed: “I found it like this, i believe the owner of the creaking house. I believe that he was finding a way to change mind to his son, why?”

Jizzy didn’t have replied immediately, but he asked someone if could write what he would dictated, and he said: “Don’t worry if it hasn’t a sense… it has sense for me.” And he has started say some stranges sentences that you have begin to write in one of the brownish sheet of paper. 

Jizzy was correcting one of the formulas in that page, linking with some of the correcction and adding some new sentences, and the more he went on, the more his tone of voice became a sigh.
And then when he have ended, he have looked at you and he took the sheet of paper, and he gave it a glimpse to what you had wrote following his directions.

He read everything with calmness, making move his thin lips, and for to be sure he read it more than twice, and after the last reading, he have lifted his face toward us who were a bit confused, and he said me: “You was good to notice this page, and he was good at leaving those notes on this page. I have completed the formulas”. 
With wide eyes open, we have looked at him, and with a dry reply he said: “Now, we have to create the situation, or we have to wait their move”, and here we have looked at Bruno, who had to only say Jizzy what he had heard in the department.”


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