I feel

Your embrace delicate around my belly, and i throw away all the air i have in body, and slowly i feel our connection i coming from far, and it knocks to our minds and each time is like a small bomb that exploded in our souls, and everything starting to turn round around us. 

It something big that elevating our souls in something higher, and it begin to beat with our hearts. 

We have to close the eyes for a moment: we leaving us go, and in these instants we feel our thread that are bonding us always more, and we fallen in a sort of trance, and slowly around it seems us closer  to Our Parallel World, and everything we feel one for another is expanding. 

Our hearts are beating  strong at unison, and despite you are sleeping, you are feel my emotions that are running in your soul, and you are making me feel it. 
We throw away all the air from the lungs, thinking the same thing

I’m feeling your embrace around my belly an you are feeling my arms that are tightening your. 
Our difficulties to swallow is the tangible proof that we feel each other strong despite the distance, and that soft punch in the stomach  is something really magic. 
It’s the nucleus of everything we have build and of everything we still continuing to building from five years, throwing away the air from the lungs each time we feeling our connection begin to envelope us.



Listen to it ⇓⇓

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