You are looking

At me in this way, and the only thing i can only do is hold back the breathe, for then throw it away really slow.

I feel your closeness surround my being, and i close the eyes. 
Delicately i feel your arms wrapping my belly, and my fingers are starting to shake. 
I feel you are pulling me toward your chest, and your hands are tightening more my hips.
The throat is closing, and both, we know that our connection is approaching. 

My thougths go to that one of yesterday, and still i can’t think about it that is just a coincidence, but now is everything passed, it’s so. 
A small electric shock is crossing my mind. I know that’s you. 
You are thinking me, and i’m thinking to you. 
I’m whispering your name, and you are sigh mine.

Our soft punch in the stomach is growing, with our hearts that are exploding. 
Your are tightening me strong: i feel it
Slowly Our Parallel World is swallowing us, and little by little, our souls are touching. 
You are looking at me. Every my emotions are enveloping all around, and everything become our apartment. We in front of the big window. 
In silence we starting our slow dance, and another small eletric shock crosssing our minds. 

Our connection is enveloping everything. 
We throw away all the air we have in body. And here it Our connection exploding around and inside us.
We feel each other closer than ever, and everything is turning quickly, while we are dancing our slow dance.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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