“Coming – *8*

Out from the police department we were clashing with that big creature that had brought the ambulance in the scene of the capture, and he had asked us “Excuse”, and he has been called immediately by the BOSS, who was looking at our exit, but when the enormous creature has placed himself in front, his chief, has looked at him from the feet to the head, and he said lost in thought: “She has a great pair of balls!” and the creature in front of him astonished, has mumbled “Who?”, but the BOSS seemed hadn’t hear what he had said, but when he seemed came out from those thoughts, and after another glance to the creature, he said: “Bruno, you should make me a favor…” and so, he closed the door of his private office.

We were leaving the police department, in silence, while inside it was making party, but some police cars running along the street beyond. 
We didn’t wanted talk, because we knew that with that capture, the police had unleashed something bigger than anything else, and we couldn’t not even imagine what.
We were walking lost in our thoughts, and now that city seemed running faster than  before, but we knew, they were our sensations that were tearing our guts, and what we wanted to do, was return tyo the Jack’s pub, see how was Jack, and tell him everything, but now, first of all, we wanted restart to breath with all calm. 

You remained astonished when i started to speak openly to the BOSS, and you hadn’t the courage to interrupt me. I had take a deep breath, before to talk to him, and i knew that it was same your thought: if, i wasn’t me to talk first, you would been you. But now, everything what we were saying each other, we were doing trought our hands, and it was enough, and even if, we were surrounding by the city sounds, the only one that we hearing to, were of our hearts, and despite the creaking house was scaring us a bit yet, it was the only house we where wanted to go to rest.

And when all those city sounds, were enough far, we have threw away the air from the lungs, because all the oppression we had felt was slowly vanishing. 
When we have seen the Jack’s Pub, there in that isolated place, we looked at straight into the eyes, and we hoped to  meet only Sanchez, instead when we acrossed the black and yellow stripes of the police, and we entered, we have seen, Jack who serving the last one costumer of the day, while Sanchez came out from the kitchen, as soon has heard the main entrance door opening itself: he would have said that for that day the pub would have serve a minimum  of costumers, but as soon, he has seen us, he has threw the glance toward Jack who was speaking to that only customer, who didn’t know how to disengange himself from Jack.

We went to the counter, where it was waiting for us Sanchez, who explained: “Since you have left the pub, he has started to  annoy each clients who entered, repeating how much he was feeling himself in guilty for the death of the little Daisy, and him is the last one” and Sanchez has indicated the last customer, who was trying to comfort Jack, but uselessly.
In those seconds we had know the name of the baby creature, and i left you to the counter.

Slowly i approaching to our table, occupied by the costumer, and i threw a glance to him, excusing me behalf Jack, giving him the way, looking for Sanchez asking him if what he have ordered, for this time, could be free.  Sanchez looked at you astonished, and you have beckoned, and only after a second, he nodded. 
In few minutes, i had set free that customer, and accompanying him outside, i had closed the door of the pub turning, even the signboard WE’RE CLOSED. 

Only when the calm got back in the pub, i turned, and i looked at everybody, and when all glances were set on me, only a sentence flew in the air, and i went to the person who had said it, sweetly kissing him.
Jack seemed calmer and he seemed recovering himself from that state he fallen, and really slow, he asked us where we went, and without lying, i said: “After what has happened to you, Sanchez has given us all the directions, and we went to the police. We have explained everything, but when we arrived the police were about to catch one of them. We have listened everything through the police radio in the BOSS’ office.”. Then you added, looking at me straight into my eyes, everything i had said: “… but at end he seemed he didn’t care, he didn’t not even has replied when we got up on our feet to go out to get back here”.  Sanchez seemed not surprised at all about his behaviour, but he kept his thought for himself, and he went in kitchen to take something that he had prepared for when we would get back.

He got back with a doggy bag, and he gave it us. Jack seemed got relax, and when Sanchez said us to got to rest, we didn’t have thinking about it much, and after be assured by Sanchez that he would take of Jack, we have saluted everybody, thanking once again Sanchez for the dinner, throwing a glance toward Jack.
In the darkness, we have taken the shortcut to the creaking house.

Behind the big green garbage bin, settled below the great oak tree, in front to the pub, someone hidden, was spying us.”


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