“What we were” – *7*

Hearing to were only shots of guns, and police cars with sirens on, and all got slow down, even the screams of the policemen who were came out from their cars to shot those that seemed the same creatures of that gang that had killed that baby creature in front of Jack’ Pub.
If we had  closed the eyes, we could see the whole scene.

In that operation: one of the greatest that the BOSS had put up, he had employed even the helicopter, and from  that police radio came out only codes, and just few real names.

The BOSS was very careful to each codes, and he was take notes of each things he thought was really important.
We were careful to each his facial expression, while he was staring at that great radio, with an incorporated mic, with much little knobs and levers. 
At end, he hit the big table with his big fist: the codes, and names, were becoming continuos, and without explain us what was happening, he got up on his feet, and he went to the door, and he has opened wide it screaming: “Call an ambulance! We have get one of those bastard!”

We had seen the small insect with his illuminated shield on his back, start to run faster than he could between the various deks in that open office, and catch that only one creature who was got on his feet to follow us with his glance, inside the BOSS’ office, and he screamed against him: “It’s your turn! Run! Take the ambulance” and he has given him a note with all the directions to avoid the traffic jams.

That immense creature was speechless, and almost didn’t believe to go in a real scene of police, even if he was a member of them, and when he was dragged outside from his desk, he threw his glance inside the BOSS office, and he threw a gaze to the people who were in. When the BOSS has seen him leaving the office, he threw away all the air he had in body, and slowly he got back to breath normally.

He closed the door, but he didn’t turned off the radio, but simply he turned it down, and he got back behind the desk, with a proud smile on his furry face. 
The BOSS wasn’t else that a kind a wolf with a small pairs of ram horns, that was given him a certain charm, despite his behaviour was so rough: he wore a creased white shirt and a brownish pants, helded up by an only suspender, and he was smoking one of the biggest cigar i had ever seen in my life, but it seemed that he didn’t smoke it. He was burn it only holding it in his mouth. 

After a long instant in which we could see his happiness, he looked at us, and he cleared his voice, and asked us once again the reason of our visit, and when you have mentioned once again Jack, the BOSS looked at us wide eyes, and it seemed that one of the small particles of the cigar smoke, came sideways in his throat, and when he only have drink some sips from a glass of water, he beckoned us.

After recover himself, he said us: “With this operation, i really hope to know who they are, and i hope to put the end to all this, i really hope that the death of that sweet baby creature, is the last one. Everybody here, knew her, and we knew how much Jack was take care of her: she had found in Jack someone who she hadn’t never have had. She’s been abandoned, and when she has found Jack just after a couple of days after, Jack has made himself a promise”. 

He hadn’t ended that sentence, because he knew that we had completely understood all the matter.
We held back the breathe for then throw it away quickly, and in that silence we have felt all the pain that was Jack feel. 
At end, almost in a sigh, you have explained to the BOSS, all our situation: who we were, from where we came, and till now we had helped other creatures in other dimensions.
The BOSS had listened to all what you had said carefully, and even, taken some notes, and at end he has looked at us in silence, as if he wanted say something, but he wasn’t find the words.  

Who has broke down that silence that was lasting a bit much, has been me, and i said: “I realize that the victory of today, it can’t be underworthing by anybody, and we are happy for this, and i know that in this moment you are much skeptical about our capacities, and we everybody here, know that it will be not a capture one of them to stop the others. From what we have heard, they are an army with a big power, and for sure, that one that you have taken today, will can be sacrified by the others. We do this for Jack, and Sanchez’ sister. We have seen their painful in their glances, and if you don’t need our help…” I looked at the BOSS, while i was tightening your hands, and then you got up on your feet, and you opened the door, while the police crew was entering from the main entrance, making party for the capture.

Settled on the treshold, the BOSS was looking at us leaving the police department, while he was exclaim to his guys: “Well done!” with an empty glance. In his deep knew, i had right: that victory it wouldn’t take anybody anywhere.”



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