Here you are

And your eyes are set on mine. The soft punch is growing faster. 
I feel your embrace around my belly and your whispers words are entering in my soul. 
Everything is become how we want, and everything is transforming in Our Parallel World, and our hearts are starting to beat at unison, and Nauthiz is in front of us: we are the necessity one of the another, and slowly we are perceiving it.

I need of your eyes: of what they say me, and of your sweet mouth, of your sweet kisses, and of your silence in which i can hear everything you feel for me, and of that one tiny neo where i can see our magical world that we have build five years ago.

And i feel, you are need of me: of my written words, of what i feel when i feel your closeness, of everything is wrap us. 
And i need of your that glance that, without say nothing, is expressing all your desire to stay close to me, despite our damned distance.

Your glance, and that your big desire to lean your lips on mine. 
And i’m waiting for you, staring at you, while you are tightening me to you more, and delicately our forheads are touching, while you looking at me sweetly, and hold back my hips.
Sweetly your lips caressing my mouth. 
I sigh your name. 


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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