“While the city” – *5*

Was awakening, we fallen asleep one in the arms another.
But it was a sleep full thoughts and questions about those creatures  of which we had  catched part of their lives, but those questions vanished as soon, we fallen in deep sleep.
Sleep that was interrupted by a chorus of sirens of the police and some shots very close to that forsaken boulervard.

We had opened the eyes, scared by those shots that resounding in the house, awakening again their creakings.
The sky that morning, if even it was late morning, was covered by a dense gray blanket, and the sun had some difficulties to making himself see. 

Everything it got back us in mind, all in a sudden, and our hearts have started to beat fast.
Jack had organized us a police appointement in the day, and we had to given us a bit of self-control. 
We had to put apart those moments in which we had forget all this situation, and we had to get back in that reality, in which we wanted to find a quick  solution, but more we looked at each other, more we understood that was solution was far.

We had to find something new to wear, and without thinking much we had took a look inside the cupboard in front of that bed in which we had slept, but as we had figured, nothing was for human beings, and without breaking us down, we went in bathroom, and after that, you have wanted give me a freshen up in what was between my thighs, you said me: “We will find something in city”, looking at me with a languid glance, still with your fingers carressing me, around there.
Then you have settled down the white skirt, and right after that another moment of real intimacy,  we went down, and given a last  glimpse to that house, we have crossed the isolated boulevard, and arrived to the ruined wall we stopped for a bit. 

The city noises with the police cars that were running ahead, and backward, it had got back us in a reality that in that house we had forget. 
We held back the breathe, and at the same time we have threw it away, and within few meters we woud have see the second door of the Jack’ pub.

The previous night, Sanchez had adviced us to enter from there. We had to knock the heavy door twice, and Sanchez would have understood to open to us. And so we have done. Two hit to the door, and after really few seconds, we have met the plump reddish yellowish face of Sanchez who was getting prepared something for breakfast already. He had well planted on his head his chef hat, and we weren’t been capable to see his black eyes. 
You was about to ask about Jack, but he has anticiped you, just indicating the exit of the kitchen with his greasy hand. Leaving him, i asked him what he was get preparing, and without revealing nothing, he said me: “I will take it to you, as soon i finish to prepare it!” and sweetly i smiled him. 

Jack, behind the counter was preparing all the dishes that he would have put on the tables, but he was doing with all calm, and when he has seen us, he has smiled: but that smile had a bitter aftertaste, and from his glance, we have unnderstood, that have happened something. 
We had choosen to sit at the same table of the previous evening, and really slowly we have taken sit. 
Jack hadn’t spoken yet, but he had followed us with his glance. 
This time, he seemed really destroyed, and maybe that morning we would have not go at the police station. 
We were staring at him, and in his empty glance, we have could see all his repressed anger, and even if, we knew him, from very few hours, we had know that he would be explode in at any time. 

That morning, our host, would been Sanchez, who knew how manage those situation better than someone else. 
He came out from the kitchen with our breakfasts, and while was acrossing the local, he has looked at him, knowing what’s was passing on his mind.
When he arrived to our table, we have stared Sanchez with a questioning faces, and while he has leaned the dishes on the table, he approched to himself a chair, and he sat next to us. 
He begun, arriving immediately, at the heart of the situation: “They has killed someone else, right here in front of the pub: Jack has seen everything. Fortunately that the police has came immediately. Maybe you have heard something”,  and when Sanchez ended, we both, have nodded, but you have spoken. 

“It has wakening us.” while Sanchez had nodding only, and he has continued to explain.
“Jack was as soon arrived: he was opening the local rolling shutter, when all that scenario has presenting itself in front of his eyes, and he is like this from that moment. We have opened it, but i’m not sure that he will can bring ahead all this till this evening. He is too shocked…”
“Who they has killed?” I asked, holding back your hand below the table. 
Before to answer, Sanchez, has threw a glance toward Jack, who seemed an automaton, then he got back to stare whom he had in front: it seemed, even him, had difficulty to say it.
Then, after a long minute of silence, for the first time of the day, Jack has spoken, and his voice seemed came from his deep self, and his reply echoed in whole pub, making us have a shiver along the back.

“The most sweet baby creature in the neighborhood: each day, she was wait for me. I gave her always something, but this morning i was in late, and… when i opened the rolling shutter, i have seen the bullet that has crossed her little body…”  
Those few words, has chilled us immediately, and then Jack has got back inside his silence: we have stared Sanchez, whom has continued to tell us how it went. 
“We have looked for to revive her, but it was too late…” and you have underline: “They have got slow down the time.” Sanchez has looked at you, and in his gaze there were the words that he wasn’t been capable to say us, but he has beckon only, and as immediate reply, looking at you, i said: “It’s now, to react, if Jack isn’t ready, we can go to the police station, but we have to do now! Sanchez, tell us where is it”
Sanchez has looked wide eyes, and giving a quick glance to his chief, he has given us all informations of which we had need.

We were got up on our feet, and slowly we came out, looking at us around. We were directed ourselves toward the police station.”


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