“Going up” – *4*

Really slowly the small stairs, we were held our hands, and slowly we have left those two portraits behind our shoulders, while the creaking has wrapped us more. We have looked at each other,  and this time something it seemd it had blocked our walk. 
My hand tightening more your, and in a whisper i sighed your name. 
We had to enter inside in another hall, for  explore that one that we had figured, as soon enter. The bedrooms floor.

What we had done till now, has been see the lives they had lived till that moment. But now, exploring that floor, it was like to steal something that didn’t belong to us, but  to survive another day in that dimension it was a thing that we had to do: enter in their intimacy.

The bedroom floor was extend above the library. There was a small dark aisle where the first thing we have met it has been a small but well perseved coloruful furniture: seemed the twin of the furniture that i had seen in the big salon, and even there where  frames with some pictures, and a big white lamp turn on that was illuminating the walk. Ended the furniture there was a room with a door that it was opening from inside, and given a glimpse, we have see that it was the bathroom, and just in front another room. 

That one was totally different from the furniture of the whole house, and just given a look inside we had understood that they have had a son, but for some reason he was vanished from their lives, but that they wanted keep that room like this, how he had left it.

There were notebooks scattered on the single bed, and some sheet of papers on the desk of modern manufacture, and the wallpaper of the room, was the opposite contrary of the whole house. The walls were blue.
We looked  at each other, and only one thought has crossed our mind, but we didn’t wanted shared aloud, but we knew, it was the same
From the only big  window it had that room, we had noticed that we had spent almost all night to explore that house, and now we had to rest absolutely. 

There were another two rooms to explore, but as soon as we have opened the following door, and we have seen a big bed, we haven’t spend further time to see what there was behind the other door. That comfy matress was calling us, and we were so tired, and as soon we leaned ourselves on it, we have threw away all the air from the lungs, and it seemed that the house had stopped to creak.

A shiver crossed our back, while the crickets sounds was making slowly place to the morning sounds, from very far we could hear only few cars acrossing the street.
We had to rest, close the eyes and to think to set free the mind from every information we had got obtained from Jack, Sanchez and above all from that house that we were occupying.

Really slow we were starting to hear our hearts beating at unison, and when the morning sounds has enveloped us, and for the very first time, we have thuought to us only, and delicately  i begun to soft caress that white shirt you had on, and you have take off your leather jacket, and threw it away on the floor, and slowly you placed yourself above me. Staring straight into my eyes, your have whispered my name, and without realizing i tightened more the flap of your shirt, while you was making me arching my back toward you, and your hand was making enlarging delicately my legs, and slowly you was making it enter between my thighs, lifting up gradually, my skirt till my hips.

Our glances didn’t wanted take off one from another, and more your fingers were going to touch softly my panties, more i was tightening the flap of the shirt, that by now, was totally unfastened, and it was carressing my belly. 
Slowly i was making it slide over your shoulders, while your fingers were moving on my panties that got always more wet, and i was waiting for your first penetration that has arrived when your lips were about to touch mine, and our moans, slowly were merging with the sounds of the morning.
They were delicately soft, but passionate. 
And when you have really penetrated me with your desire, only one mine moan has echoed in all that creaking house, and  you have covered my mouth with your hand continuing to thrust you more inside me, enjoying of my pleasure in my eyes.  

And when we were about to reach the peak of the pleasure you have sighed my name, and you have taken both my hands and you have lifted them over my head, and when we have reached the orgasm we were looked wide eyes, holding back that moan in throat, opening wide the mouth. 

Only when we have feel the contractions vanish, we got relax ourselves: you have caressed my face saying: “Let’s try to close the eyes”, while i was holding you back inside me yet.”



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