“After that kiss” – |76|

We were look at eachother, and an: “I love you” flew in the air, we remained for an istants, like this, without think about nothing, just to us, and our glances it has projected us in a Blue City, already free and full of his colours. 
But it has been just an instant, because aftter that tender moment, we dived ourselves, in the actual reality of the city: rainy, moldy, and smelly, and those thunders were roaring above us, and now, even the Runic Fairies, seemed tired. Occassionally, their proctective shield seemed weak, and some raindrops got wet us.
Seemed though, that one borderline was the last one before to face up the werewolf, who was roaring his total rage against us.
My wound seemed not longer bleeding, and i was still among your arms. I have thought to being heavy, and i was about to ask you to lean me on the ground, but you have whispered me:”When you will become heavy, i will not longer deserve to love you…” , and with this phrase you have torn apart my heart, and our lips touched again, while i moved away your hair from the face.
The fight behind the other borderlines was continuing, and by now, the Zora’s followers, were dicreasing much.
The riot had involved every creatures of each social level: the richer was next to poorest. 
Now their social level was just only one, and there was no longer differences. But there was, also, much death along that boulevard. 
An inanimated paw with the white and long nails, it was the only part of body of a furry creature that it was coming out from a puddle, and in his eyes, it could see still the pain, when he has been hit, and his blood was mixing itself with the puddle, and next to that puddle who was crying with head down, eleganted dressed, a half human crossed with a hippopotamus, and after he has understand that his friend had exhaled the last breathe, he has started to scream, opening his great mouth, warning everybody to don’t approach to him and not even, to his friend, even if the others wanted only help him.
The Rhino Patrol had made their part, before to be decimated by the inhabitants, now with a target well defined.
Although the most of the inhabitants was closed in their moldy houses, our landing in Blue City, has been notced immediately. And after we had set free the Whale, it was breathed something that it would have bring back Blue City how it was once.
And that time was come, and in those endless hours, it was determinating itself the reborn or the definitive death of the city.
Now, who bleeding, who with wounds in all body, and who was still was fighting, was looking at that manhole, waiting for our final decisive attack.
But no one expected what we would discover in those subsequent moments.”

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