You are

Questioning me if i’m feeling it. Shit, yes i feel it! One of the most hard, and soft punch in the stomach felt ever. 
I’m throwing away all the oxigen i have in the lungs, and that magical atmosphere that our connection can create, despite we are so far, it is enveloping us, and it approaching us always more.
My fingers are shaking taping these words that i want make you read. 
My heart is beating like a crazy and i feeling your: it is beating like mine and they are intertwinning inside a magical spiral.
Our magical connection is becoming stronger. 
That’s enough a tiny breath and everythting around us disappears, and we are only us.
I’m still throwing away the air frrom the lungs.
Our soft punch in the stomach it’s still there, and i feel your hands tightening my belly.
Your breathe is entering in me, and it is make me spin my head.
You are here, and you are looking at what i’m writing. 
Your presence is chocking me
I love your closiness in this way.
You make me discover how it’s magical everything this around us. 
You are magical….
Everything around us, it is….


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