“We were” – |75|

Still trapped by our emotions, and your glance was still inside mine, but slowly we were realizing that damned borderline, it was getting back at the real dimension, and we had crossed it half.
But everything in this battlefield, stood up over our emotions.
We have understood it, when that chocking sensation, it seemed got set free, and everything around us, got back, almost to the normality.
Those little soft kisses we have given eachother, had built around us another shield, and now, almost uncosciously, we knew, we could go on without further doubts, and the other tricks from Zora they would been destroy.
All that half nightmare, it was destroyed, just by a sweet caress and a glance. 
The resolution of all that it was which we were feeling, but it was even in which way we were using our emotions.
As soon we had realized that we had crossed half borderline, you have shyly me looking at me, and in a sigh, you have said me:”Let’s walk…” and sweetly you have helped me to stand up, and with a decisve grip, you have take my hips and i have leaned me on you, and slowly, wer had started to walk toward the end of that borderline.
But after few steps, my leg, started again to bleeding, and my pain has started to make to spin my head.
I was about to faint.
I called you in a sigh.
” My leg…” i was feeling the blood getting wet the bandage fastly, and you stopped me, and our eyes were meet.
But now, for real, we could not get back. We could only go ahead, and surely, we could not stopped us.
And as soon we stopped, we have feeling that chock sensation, and everything around us, it was enlarging itself again, and everything, it was seemed starting from the begin.
Now the all the weight it was falling over your shoulders: now the question that everyboby has made me, i was putting it to you: “Was you willing to go on?”
We shared a glance, and just after your gesture, made me understand your intentions.
Sweetly you have taken me among your arms, and after another gaze, slowly, you have started to walk straight toward the end of that invisible borderline, where that werewolf, who at first, was enjoying to see my wound that still was bleeding, but then he has changed expression seeing you who was taking me among your arms for continue that walk.
That chock sensation that it was starting to enveloping us again, it was disappeared, while in your walk, our lips delicately touched, and our breathes were merging one in another, and for a short time our glances were met again. “


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