“By now” – |77|

What it surrounding us, it was a death scenario, and now, everything, it was depending on us, and on what we have would do in those next minutes. 
Everything seemed go slowly, however fast everything went, and for a minute everything seemed stopped, like in a polaroid photo, and each colors around us, were changing in all tones of seppia.
We were still in that borderline, the last one, before to face up the werewolf.
Even the rain was falling slow. Everything was going slow, except our hearts that were beating like two hammers.
After few steps i sighed you to make put me down, and from now on, i would walk next to you, hand in hand.
You have looked at me, questioning me if it was the right thing to do. I just nodded you, so you, gently, you have leaned me on the ground, making attention to the leg, with the bleeded bandage.
I made some steps, and seemed that it not longer hurt me, but your glance it was always full of careful.
“Are you sure, are you fine?” you asked me approaching to me, as if the werewolf could hear to you.
I didn’t replied you, but just my glance, it gave you the certainty that you wanted to have.
In each case, for the rest of our walk, you have kept me well tight, and i was feel your hands on my hips, and that mde me feel more in safe, and something sensual was flying in the air. 
Altought, we had crossed half of the borderline, the end, it seemed still far, and it seemed that at each of our uncertainty, the trick of that borderline, it was put in practice, and that the end had no a conclusion.
We knew, we had to go on without, not even, a crumb of doubt, but it was not easy as we have thought.
Each time we had throw away the air from the lung, it was a doubt that was flying above us, and this was faciliting the bordeline manipolations by Zora.
We were walk very slowly, but it seemed that each step we were doing, it was resounding in all Blue City and the werewolf was looking at our approach very interested, ready to unsheathe his latest blow, ready to make fall in chaos again that city.
Suddenly the rainstorm finished, and it was falled a deadly silence. 
Even us, stopped. We remained paralyzed from what we were assisting. 
We held tight more the hands, and you have tightned more me to you. 
The werewolf got up himself from that smelly garbage throne, and among big roars and moves that seemed meaning one thing, instead meant others, he was tore his fur, till to bleeding.
He was tore also his skin. He was look at it, then he was throwing it toward us, while with the other paw keeping the cane, he was hitting it on the ground, as if he wanted to cover all the pain he was feeling. 
We remained shocked,  but in a whisper, you have said me “Let’s go on”, but we have walked really really slow, while we were still seeing what the werewolf was doing to himself.
He was tearing all his fur and the skin from his giant body, while all the blood was flowing above the garbage, and it was falling on the concrete, formating a puddle of blood just under the mountain of junk.
He was killing himself under our eyes, and more we were approaching at the end of the borderline, more he was become weak, and slowly he was collapsing himself on the ground, and just when we arrived to the end, he has exhaled his last breathe, and all that mass of fur, flesh, bones and blood, all in a sudden disappeared itself inside of a bunch of dust, that it has prevented us from seeing beyond.
But what we have would see after, it has scared us much more.”


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