When i saw

The last part of your instagram story, right after i felt our punch in the stomach, and i felt your closiness hammer my head, and now i’m biting my lips, because, in someways, i felt you have known about my visualization. I’m not sure that it does works like this, but something it says me that i’m not far from to have right, rembember that i’m a little witch, and almost always i have right. 
I feel your closiness, and your hands are enveloping my belly, and you are pulling me toward you.
In these hours i’m going crazy and maybe you know it, and here, in this bedroom everything is so magical, despite our real distance our minds are get connect. 
My heart is beating strong, and i feel you here close to me, more than ever.
It’s been so powerful the punch in the stomach, right after i saw you story. 
It’s began immediately after. 
I don’t want illude myself, but more i go ahead, i’m sure that there is something magical among us, and now, even you are feeling something that strangely is bonding us, and you have set instrgram, to check what is happening around us.
I say you what is. It’s our connection inside Our Parallel World.
I’m smiling you, whispering you: “It’s everything true”.


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